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OK Ultra4 National Championships | Oct 23-24 | CrossBar Ranch, Moab


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May 1, 2020
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St.Louis, MO
The 7th Annual National Championship has been moved to Davis, Oklahoma, at the CrossBar Ranch.

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I've always heard crossbar was pretty mild. I guess we'll find out...
You headed there?

I should be there at least Fri ... will have to miss the main event on Sat :mad3:

Can't find a schedule of events anywhere....
anybody going to this?

I'll be there. Never been to Crossbar. Gonna be wet Friday but the rest of the weekend will be nice. Turner Falls is available for camping overflow as all the RV sites at crossbar are taken for racers i believe. They cut a trail between the two properties from what I hear. Stage set up and giant screen at Turner Falls. Live action at crossbar.
I'll be there. I noticed today that they have the schedule of events outlined now on the site. I'd like to figure out the best place to spectate since I've never been to Crossbar.

https://ultra4racing.com/race/51 - click Schedule tab.
My brother and I will be there! It's pretty mild probably compared to most of their stuff, but there are some decent obstacles, and the course changes quite a bit year to year. With the mud they had the first year, I bet they were at 25% rigs finishing or so (stat pulled out of my ass).
Thank you sir. Do you like one spot more than the others? I assume they are fairly packed with people.

I was just asked to take that down until tomorrow. Racers might not have seen it yet. I've never been, either. So, we'll find out. I'll probably start out at wheeler peak/rockface.
Nice! we'll have to meet up for a beer at some point.

Yes sir. I'm down.

Here's the map again...

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