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Ultra4 Championships this weekend


Blame Canada
May 1, 2020
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St.Louis, MO
It’s cold but things are coming alive here!

Live feed: https://www.ultra4racing.com/ultra4-racing-live

Qualifying Starts at 3pm today

Pre-runs and Inspections going on now. :smokin:

Had an awesome time at this event, it was good running into some of you guys there. Super excited for KoH. We'll have to plan a IBB night of dranks there.

Ultra4 gave me a media pass (fuck yea i'm media now lol) so I rented a camera and tried my best to make it look like I knew what I was doing. DuckTape was doing it right :flipoff2:

I was thinking about this a few days ago, what are the odds that IBB could "host" videos and be a sort of catchall 'nother platform for these events? people like busted knuckle, madram, pathfinder productions, random person with a cell phone, etc. so that they could "livestream" them here.

similar to a youtube live, facebook live, livestream, ultra4productions type of page. if nothing else, then restream those same live videos (with permission obviously) and host them on here? It would be a pretty neat way to be able to capture the big races, the variety of races as well as get exposure for the smaller events
Son and I ran down for qualifying Friday. Partied Friday night with Miles and Wyatt and had to leave the next morning early to get back to KC for the boy’s short course race. Good times. Blyler missed a gate and lost the championship I heard? That sucks.
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