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Ultra Sonic Cleaning


May 20, 2020
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Anyone have a favorite solution to use for cleaning gun parts in an ultra sonic cleaner?

6:1 water:simple green ain't cutting it. the current part is all stainless.
Try straight cleaner? It won’t hurt anything.
Straight Simple Green worked way better. I was trying to complete the cleaning with the original solution just for science' sake, but it would take years, I think. Next time I'll see how long it takes with straight simple green from the start. Following that, I'll move up to some of the other concentrates I've purchased and time them.
My lgs put my Ruger 22/45 Lite and can in his sonic tank factory sights and some of the finish off the can.t week. He was trying a new chemical from Franklin Armory. It took the finish off the sights and some off the can. He is going to contact Franklin and discuss the problem. Yes he's going to reblacken the sights and can.
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