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Two full moons this month.

yea that will screw stuff up, piece of test equipment i have been working on for a couple months, its been fine until today, I'm gonna ignore it til Monday figure it will be back to normal then.

I used to handle customer technical calls, full moon i would be on the phone all day, no full moon 1 call a week.
Dogs were crazy AF last night. I cruised around the property in the jeep looking for eyes but didnt come across anything. Was very odd.
Figures...I haven't kept up with the moon cycles, but it'll probably be a full moon the first week of our predator season opening up.
Hopefully the world hits the reset button over Halloween weekend.
Hopefully the world hits the reset button over Halloween weekend.

That should read...

In March: Friday the 13th, full moon, turn clocks ahead, invasion of the mask people, all in one weekend.

That was the weekend I recall going to the store to find the bread aisle decimated, people in masks everywhere, and I had to visit 3 stores until I found a fkg loaf of bread. :homer: It also rained like a mofo...
Whatever it is, a full moon brings out crazy behaviors in people. Lack of sleep for some. ER's and EMT's see increased trauma.
Well not one fucking picture? Bunch of lame ass bastards, I'll get what's left of it tonight then. :flipoff2: I'll post it so you can reminisce...
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