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Wet Trail Wheeler
May 19, 2020
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Southern Oregon Coast
Our old Samsung device died. It had a DVD player built in but we rarely used it. We mostle streamed Amazon or Netflix. School me on the latest tech and easiest for my non tech savvy wife to use. We have a dumb flat screen TV.
wife uses chromecast and Roku. Seems to work ok.

I don't watch tv and we don't have any wiretaps (Alexa et all) in the house. :laughing:

Thats all I got.
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Wife and kids use the Apple TV in the house. Amazon video, netflix, hulu, and all the itunes content my brother in law buys!

Got the first one as a hand-me-down. It was great until it shit the bed a couple of years ago. Replaced it with a newer model and it has been 100% to date.

Literally just plug it in to power, and HDMI to the TV. Enter all the passwords for the various accounts and you're off. Nice part with the new one is the apple remote controls the power and volume for the TV, so there is no need for the big TV remote unless we want to watch antenna TV.
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Lose dumb TV and get a smart one? I'm quite partial to LG their built in OS and smart remotes are pretty good.
we have three fire tv sticks. they're easy to navigate (my 3 year old can do it) and reliable. we switch them seamlessly into the RV when we travel 👍🏻
I have used chromecast, roku, and firestick. As well as have a couple smart TVs. Out of the ones I have used I like the roku stick the best. Easy enough to use and fairly inexpensive.
My parents have a fire stick and it's easy enough for their anti tech savvy asses to manage.

I use my PS4 for all streaming even though I have a smart TV. It's just nice to use.
Roku or firestick. Both easy enough to use. Recently bought a smart Vizio tv for the living room that works fine and is easy to use as well..

One thing I don't like about the one Roku I have is it has the quick access buttons for amazon/hulu/netflix on the remote which suck if you accidentally bump one while fumbling for the remote to pause or something because it'll exit out of whatever you are watching and go to that app.

The kid lost the remote for the living room Roku but you can control it straight from the app at least.
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