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Trunnion pin / king pin?


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May 22, 2020
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Anybody ever try to press the pin out of a steering arm? I have one that broke off and I was thinking of replacing it with another one that I have in another arm (the arm is wrong, it only has one hole for a tie rod end, the problem one has two.)
aren't they supposed to press in and out? been a long time since i've had to tear one apart, 99% sure it was a press fit pin.
Yes. I pressed the pins out to run trunion eliminators.
Yes. Press them out, install good one in wanted arm. What brand arms? I have brand new pin for trail gear arm here on my bench.
Yeah, I tried pressing it out with a buddy’s Press but I think I need a bigger one. I’ll try at work tomorrow. It’s a trail gear arm. I’m a couple of hundred miles from you but I’ll definitely hit you up if I can’t make this work. I’ll probably be upgrading to eliminators or the marlin set up after I put a little money aside
yeah a little heat on the arm would make it come out with much much less force. I used heat to put on ford 9in bearing retainers on the axles as well. Heat makes a press fit much less of a press fit and when cooled off it tightens up very nicely.
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No press was ever gonna get that fucker out. I eventually got it out but somehow it had galled it self into the steering arm. It almost looked like it was welded in there. Anyway bye bye fifth stud arms. Hello six shooters.
Depends on the arms. My Marlin arms use a 1" hole in the arm for the pin. TG arms use a 3/4" hole for the pin. I can't use the TG trunnion bearing eliminator kit on my Marlin arms unless I make an adapter.
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