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Trump has the best Rona ever!

A couple thoughts on that.

A little Hydroxy and they'll be fine.

Mike better not have it. Remember #3

Maybe this is how the dems are going to replace Biden before the election. Now they can claim Trump gave it to him. :flipoff2:

Bernie bro down the hall thinks Trump is going to use this to put off the election. :rolleyes:
Again? Christ that’s three times in one day.
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There is no way in hell Trump is faking this, if that's what the bro thinks.

It's hard to know what he thinks. He has stated that he hates Trump. He has also stated that he wishes Trump would install police state and make everyone wear masks and stay home. :homer:

I think he hates freedom.

So, assuming the worst and the rone gets DT....what next? Pence runs against Biden in november? What a strange unprecedented time we live in.
Or he defeats the worst beer flu case ever, cancells all precautions, and dominates the election because people are sick of it and everyone can go back to normal.

That's what I'm meant essentially, you have to remember Trump has the instincts of a high level carney! :laughing:
2 week vacation in the white house, with a gorgeous supermodel and he hasn't been able to see his own dick in 20 years.:homer:

I can think of worse fates!

Unless he gets it bad he will carry on the Peoples Business from isolation. The only way Pence ends up in the front seat on the ticket is if he passes from it. I find that unlikely since he has access the best healthcare possible in the Free World.
And look who were all hangin’ out together the other day with a contagious Hope Hicks around them....but they’ll all be ok since it’s just a hoax that only gives you the sniffles :laughing:

When it rains it pours, sometimes it could end up a category 5 that results in a President Pelosi :usa:

Thanks 2020!

Heard WH announcements today changing from: “has some fatigue and mild symptoms”...to “has a fever”....now to “boarding Marine1 and on way to Walter Reed Med Center”
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