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Travel to European coutries


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May 20, 2020
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Any of you guys have insights as to when flights to european countries may open up?
Several breeders i know have dogs and pups stranded in serbia and cant get them. They usually use pet nannys to fly with them and hand deliver. Right now pets can fly as cargo but shipping prices have supposedly doubled. Shipping a dog as cargo can sometimes end badly also.
I guess I cant spell tonite, that would be countries
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Is this Covid or the new law that you have to use a certified pet broker to ships dogs out if the EU? Buy local, we've got better dogs anyways here! :flipoff2:
Covid has them shut down for now. From what i have read today is the EU takes a look at the travel bans every two weeks and decide which countries have restricted travel to them.
There are a few nice studs and kennels over seas that we dont have access to here in the states.
Rottweiler. Pretty nice female, confirmation shown. BIS and V1-V3 ratings. Supposed to be started in protection but im sure just barely if any.
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