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Toyota SFA hub dimensions


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May 19, 2020
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Quick question and just just wondered out of GCC and found a section that deals with rig/wheeling questions. Who knew:flipoff2:

TL/DR i want to know how bug of a center hub hole I need on wheels for the front of a 85 Toyota.

Anyways I have been looking for a deal on some 16” wheels for an extra set of tires I have. I know a few earlier Taco wheels fit on the older rigs but it was hit and miss. All my spare parts are put away currently and its raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock so trying not to stand in it and then open up my container and get it wet inside as well. I am hoping someone has a SFA front hub they could measure to radius of the mounting surface.

Hoping some TOGTFO will help get an answer.

I believe all Toyotas are 106mm hub bore. So you can mix and match wheels all you want. May need to run spacers so you don’t run into the caliper like YotaAtieToo mentioned.
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