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Tornado Warning Device Recommendations


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May 24, 2020
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Odessa, FL
My daughter is working up in Maine 2 weeks on/2 weeks off at a horse farm in the countryside outside Bangor and there was a tornado warning in the area today. The only way she knew bout it was the neighbor sent them a txt message. My wife is now stressed out and asked me to research and see if there are any weather warning devices we could get and send to her.

It looks like there are a number of phone apps, weather radios and one device that uses electromagnetic energy to detect tornado's and thunderstorms. https://www.earlyalert.com/solutions/tornado-alert/

We don't get many tornado's in our area of FL, so looking for looking for advice from people who deal with these on a more regular basis for recommendations on either apps or other devices that would be helpful.
I wouldn't worry.

Maine has on average 2 tornadoes every year. The tornadoes in recent history in Maine have formed during severe summer storms within the southwestern and central sections of the State. Because Maine has a sparse population, there has not been significant amount of property damage or personal injury.
When the sirens go off you go out side?

There is a app thats called my radar. I use it to let me know of lighting strikes when im in a bucket or using my crane. Its a little slow but i will give out tornado warnings based on user location.

There is a windows version of the app for the pc as well

my radar.jpg
All of our local tv stations have weather apps available that include severe weather alerts. We also get alerts from the national weather service.
Horse farm? Having grown up in Michigan where tornados are common, tell her when the horses get spooked and head to the barn, she should get spooked too.
Whatever the generic weather app that came with our iPhones seemed to work well

A couple years ago the oldest kid looks up from her phone and asks, “Anyone else get the tornado warning?”. About that time my phone went off. Looked at the weather map, we were right on the edge of a red tornado warning box :eek:

We’re east of Sacramento, I have NEVER seen storm clouds like that here before
IF she has cell service she can have the weather channel set up to give her warnings. Does she have a smart phone?
Check the weather forecast every morning. Tornadoes can't be predicted, but the weather/storms that make them a possibly are. Take precaution from there.
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Just when you think you're heard it all someone is worried about tornadoes in Maine. :lmao:

OP sounds like one of those people who lives in Florida and buys a snowblower when there's a dusting of snow. New England is damn near the most benign place on the planet as far as extreme weather goes. There is nothing to worry about.

Maine? Tornado? Seems they average just under 2 touch downs per year.

I'd get a Magic 8 Ball.:flipoff2:

And the two tornadoes a year they get are small ones that don't go very far. I wouldn't worry one bit.
Tornado warning device in Maine? That's like you buying a snowblower. :laughing:
Appreciate the useful replies and as for the typical chit chat replies feel free to have a nice glass of sodium hypochlorite. :flipoff2:

I'm not the panicky type, but the wife is definitely the protective mama bear, and so having her only child in a distant place gets her nervous. After a quarter century together I've learned that making her less nervous is always helpful for me :)

If I had checked out the Maine tornado statistics first then I probably wouldn't have asked at all. I'll suggest she gets a good app on the phone and maybe a weather radio since cell service is a little spotty with Verizon in the area she's at.

She sent some pics this AM, and although no tornado damage, they had a ton of dirt wash into the barns and some road erosion from heavy rains, but nothing a few hours on the skidster can't fix.

Haven't posted much on here, but have been on the other board for a while and started lurking here recently.
tell her when the horses get spooked and head to the barn, she should get spooked too.


The animals are a hell of a lot more accurate. As a kid my grandpa said "if the horses go nuts; tell me right away. It means bad shit is about to happen".
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