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Tire advice needed.....


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Nov 26, 2020
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I’m currently throwing a set of tons under my 4Runner (60/14) and am at the point I need to start looking at tires. I’m in California and wheel Rubicon/Fordyce/etc. Rig is built for wheeling and will see 80% off road, 20% street.

I have narrowed it down to a set of 42” Irok bias or a set of 40” procomp xtreme mt2 radials. Both of these tires fit in my budget. I am leaning towards the larger Irok, but curious what everybody else thinks. It seems radial tires are becoming more popular, so which would you pick 🤷‍♂️
Iroks will wear quickly compared to procomp. I personally go radial irok and have the best of both.
I've personally never been very impressed by the Procomp MT2s, and I am kind of split on Iroks. Some rigs seem to do great on them, and on others they seem to suck.

For what it's worth, I ran radial Iroks on my Powerstroke for about 15,000 miles when I was still daily driving it. They weren't too bad, and I think definitely fine for street use on a primarily off road rig. I ended up selling them at half tread; probably would have got ~30,000 miles out of them if I drove till they were bald. I sold them because they were loud (expected) and wearing fast, and all terrains were a better fit for how I actually used the truck. I am not sure how much different the bias versions would be, but if you are running 40"+ tires, I don't think you can really expect anything to make it ride like a Cadillac.

Personally I would go with the Iroks given the two choices you presented.
If you want an Irok, the 41 radial would be a good option.
I went to the 40" Milestar black label and really like it. You can run the black label on the street too. Great all around tire for the money.

Irok is probably about the same height as the procomp.

I'm not a huge fan of the Irok in the 42" size, doesn't seem to work that great.

I'd give the procomps a shot.
I would bet the 40" procomps anfd 42" ircoks would be close in size. Swampers are notoriously small. If you are buying procomps, check out milestar, or gladiator MT, COOPER MT, or IMO the best, Nitto Trail grappler. I mean just looking at 4wheelparts, 42" irok is $504/ea and a 40" nitto is $412.....Id much rather have the nitto.
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