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Things about Miss California


Wet Trail Wheeler
May 19, 2020
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Southern Oregon Coast
Post up your favorites, this is the current one, Allyshia Gupta


couldn't find any nudes.
Is she human?

That person does not look attractive, indeed something appears to be wrong with them.

Edit: she's from a foreign country and lived in Florida most of her life. She even lived abroad for years after she was 18. So a perfect Miss California because she's not really even American, and certainly not Californian.

She does look how a lunatic "bobs and vagene" guy might think blonde white women should look, though, Miss Gupta does.
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Looks like 1 out of every 10 girls riding the on the bow of a boat in the Haulover videos cruising the miami river.
Don't forget the smash tax. Being California and all. :laughing:

What's that up to these days? "Unregulated smashing will not be tolerated, unless you're an undocumented Democrat, I mean illegal alien or poor. Then we will pay you for smashing."[/CA]
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