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There is now a COOKING forum!

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Thanks Austin!


You guys need to start fillin that place with all the deliciousness! Go to it~
im not big into cooking but some of that stuff sounds fawkin good :smokin:

may have to attempt, will post up if i do:laughing:
Who do you think you are telling people what to do? You'd think you are a Mod or something. :flipoff2:
I should start a poverty cooking thread. I eat pretty well for a poor person.
I'm always down to look at a cheap eats kinda thing, I also watch the hell out of depression era cooking vids on the YT.

It all fits in there! Not everybody eats fillet mignon on the daily... Everboob will have a bomb chili-mac recipe for sure. :laughing:
Mmmm . . . ramen & Friskies with a side of dumpster-sourced cabbage :flipoff2:

Ramen is a terrible deal in every single way, nutrition, cost/calorie, taste, satiation.

Dry pet food is mostly fillers.

I would and have dumpster dive, although the pickings are MUCH better in Ann Arbor. You have no idea, I ate like a KING in A2!
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