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there goes cheap gas...


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May 19, 2020
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San Mexico
In the last 3 weeks, it's gone up 50¢ a gallon. California is opening stage 2 of "hike gas back up" so I'll be bitchy on and off. New normal. :flipoff2:
YA, heard the excuse the other day on the new......"more people are traveling, driving up the demand for gas"
.30 cent jump here overnight. I guess the holiday weekend has the cha-ching factor. Amazing how it can jump (I've seen it go up 3 times within 24hrs) but coming down its pennies at a time over weeks or months.
I'm happy to pay a bit more to keep our domestic energy industry alive.
2.29 was lowest in LA at Sam's Club. 1.84 in Phoenix Sam's Club.
Whatever, based on the rate of inflation, this is some of the cheapest fuel we've ever had.

I figure like with any period where we enter a commodity bull market, we're poised for a serious uptrend in oil prices in the coming years. Not because of demand but because of dollar liquidity. It will be interesting to so how that balancing act plays out. My guess is we'll have $7 or $8 gas before too long. 2 or 3 years maybe?
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