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The never ending build - 66 Impala wagon


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May 19, 2020
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Apple Valley CA.
I've owned this giant ugly/beautiful thing since I was 17 (24 years basically). I got it in trade from my father for an 83? Honda CB750 Super sport that had a big bore kit, rejetted carbs and a Kerker headers I had gotten for $50 in computer parts and some labor setting up a home network (in the late 90's this was the shit).

It's about the only thing of my youth I've held onto and I am unsure why. Growing up my brother and I "borrowed" if from my father and took it to a Pomona grudge match night and ran a 14.8 with the original tired 327 and powerglide. We cruised it everywhere and in a fit of retardation we stuffed it full of speakers and amps. We even stuck a 15" woofer from a Hammond organ in it for a while too. I tell you Queen, Styx and Zepplin never sounded better.

Even though this was an Impala trim, it was a stripped out model. 4 wheel manual drum, heater, single speaker AM/FM radio, 14" wheels and only the 6 passenger model.

To date I have done a front power disk brake conversion, tubular upper and lower control arms, Some china stainless headers I made fit around the steering box with a torch, true dual 2.5" exhaust with Magnaflow exhaust, 10k mile GM goodwrench motor from an 89 TBI suburban (swapped to 4bbl carb, shit heads and all) I got in trade for helping swap a 4bt into said suburban. It still runs the original unknown powerglide trans and open 12bolt rear axle/brakes. It has been lowered with 2" drop spindles and cutting 1/2 a coil in front and I dont remeber how much we cut in the rear with all new poly suspension bushings as well. I am running 18x8 in the front and 20x10 in the rears as well and they fit with no rubbing.

One of the better upgrades I did to it was an aftermarket 4bbl Throttlebody EFI system from FiTech. I got the EFI in trade for testing Holley, FiTech and FAST EFI systems on my car for a magazine writeup. I started with the 400hp one and traded that one to a friend for a 600HP one he had sitting.

I did this in prep for future mods. I currently have a new set of Vortec heads, an NOS 350HP 327 cam, some scorpion? 1.5 ratio roller rockers, Eddie motorsports billet pulley setup and a "high rise" dual plane intake (will be milling down the center divider) to swap on sitting on a shelf in my shop for it. Just need some time and $$ for the gaskets and power steering lines.

So, onto the photos.

How it looked after pulling out of my backyard to fit new wheels and tires onto it


Decided I didnt like the look of drums with the new 18x8 fronts and it sat way to high. I had my brother sit on the front corner to simulate the drop I wanted in my head as well


Started with the cheap disk brake conversion with 2" drop spindles (this kit uses S10 calipers and 11" rotor. I will be swapping it out for one that uses 13" c4 ones from performance online soon)
This is way before I swapped the upper/lower tubular control arms onto it (also from performance online)


This now gave me a ride height I was liking a bit more (all new springs in front so it settled some more over time too). The brown body line is dirt after I removed what was left of the original trim (couldnt find the missing pieces so said fuck it and took it all off)


I then yanked the tired motor that was in it and dropped in my basically new TBI 350 (if you look in lifter valley it is spotless)


More to come
I like that. It's old and unusual. There's a guy around here that has a '58 that still has the pinstriping and surf shop paint job from way back on it. Surface rust and all.

I really like these old wagons. I wish I would have snagged one before their prices went sky high.
Really looks good with the new tires/rims.
I really like these old wagons. I wish I would have snagged one before their prices went sky high.
Really looks good with the new tires/rims.

Damnit, I keep forgetting to update the build threads with more stuff... Been too busy and your post just reminded me.
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