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The Epic Mail Campaign - Timing is everything - our time is now


May 27, 2020
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Dayton NV
The Epic Mail Campaign

Timing is everything – our time is now.

The West is on fire. Millions of acres of our forest resources, homes, property, and lives have been destroyed. While the West burns from 40 years of mismanaging forests, I think now is the time to make our voices heard. We must take back control of our forest management from the Federal Bureaucrats who have been sued into following the draconian forest management plan of the Sierra Club.

For context, our forest management practices were drastically changed over the last 30 years for habitat issues, procedural wrangling, power plays, and straight-up extortion. Why? The feel-good generation, who only want to see good in the world, were deceived, used, and fleeced by people who believe nature and humans cannot co-exist.


My vision (grandiose as it may seem) is to send our President millions of letters, handwritten or typed, from all of us. Off-roaders, Off-road Businesses, Clubs, Business Associations, After-Market companies, and their employees. We need to flood the White House Mail Room two weeks after the election Tuesday, November 17th. (Mail them out by November 12th) We will include a demand for action with a brief explanation to provide context.

Topics covered in your letter should include the following:

Reverse Travel Management AKA Route Designation – In 1999, a Total Forest Route inventory was ordered at President Clinton’s direction. The Forest Service then launched the Route Designation Project, which turned into Travel Management Plans, which closed thousands of miles of Federally Managed recreational roads and trails across the West between 2007-2014. They also implemented a Mandatory Road Maintenance Agreement with large commercial timber owners that resulted in thousands of prescriptively used roads and trails being closed (Sierra Pacific Industries, Weyerhaeuser, Boise Cascade, etc.).

These roads allowed the public to travel through the forests for recreation, they created fire breaks and provided access for Wildland Firefighters to reach fires without hiking for miles through dangerous terrain to get to the fire line. It is imperative these roads be re-opened for the frontline firefighters’ safety and to allow the public to reclaim the use of their forests stolen from us over the past 30 years. Re-open Roads and Trails!

Reform Equal Access to Justice Act – This Act had very humble and honorable origins, but as usual, a way was found to work the system and bilk millions of taxpayer dollars from our government and force farcical ideals into Federal Land Management policies. Public process was circumvented in writing Federal Land Management policies, much like what they have done in the EPA, and essentially dismiss the publics’ input during the NEPA process. Stop using Taxpayer dollars to pay the environmentalists litigating for profit and using EAJA, which was meant to protect the Public from government overreach!

Enact Legislation to Stop State Agencies from blocking or stalling prescribed burning treatments on Federally Managed Lands – As private foresters and Federal Land Managers log, thin, and clear forests, many times they cannot get permits approved by the State Water Boards and Air Resources Boards to perform the prescribed burns that are necessary in reducing ladder fuels, preventing larger forest fires. Sanitation, Salvage, and Selective logging operations can only go so far to protect our forests; we need prescriptive burning operations to be approved by State Agencies!

Enact Legislation to streamline Timber Harvest Plans on Federally Managed Lands – Timber harvest Plans, especially in California take so long to approve. Multiple agencies need to conduct their own reviews on the land affected. The NEPA process needs to be streamlined as many agencies have access to all the same scientific data. Enough with redundant reviews and dragging out the approval process. It should take no more than 90 days to approve a Timber Harvest Plan!!

Herger-Feinstein Library Group Fuels Reduction Pilot Project – Needs to be brought back and implemented immediately. This project was wildly successful in managing fuel loads to prevent out of control wildfires by keeping them close to the ground and out of the upper canopy (crown fires). It was not funded during the Obama Administration due to extreme environmental pressure and litigation. If it had been funded, the number and intensity of fires in the West would be greatly reduced. This project needs to be implemented across the West ASAP!

Congressional Review Act – needs to be revised and enforced – “Under the CRA, before a rule can take effect, an agency must submit a report to each house of Congress and the comptroller general containing a copy of the rule; a concise general statement describing the rule, including whether it is a major rule; and the proposed effective date of the rule. After receiving the report, Members of Congress have specified time periods during which they must submit and act on a joint resolution of disapproval to take advantage of the CRA’s special “fast track” procedures. If both houses pass the resolution, it is sent to the President for signature or veto. If the President were to veto the resolution, Congress could vote to override the veto.” This tool has not been used consistently, allowing rogue agencies to enact stifling and overreaching regulations that their constituents do not want, brushing aside the will of the local forest or land users. The people should have a say in the rules the Bureaucrats inflict on them!

Your introduction should be brief, praising the President on everything he has done so far, but let him know we are still not being heard as a community, and that we would greatly appreciate his attention to this issue as it affects the entire western United States.

Let him know that you and your family have been severely impacted by overreaching, nonsensical regulation on our Federally Managed Lands and that he needs to act now!

Sign your letter with your name and any other affiliations you have, and list them all, past, present, and future. Send your letter addressed to President Donald J. Trump, C/O The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500. Make a copy of the letter and email it to all your Congressmen, both State and Federal. If you aren’t sure how to reach them, you can use this website: https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials

Please spread this far and wide, take it to club meetings, business meetings and board meetings, Share it on Social Media and encourage everyone you know who accesses our Federally Managed Lands to send their letter on November 12th!
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