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The animals and birds that can be seen in your yard thread


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May 19, 2020
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Red Bank, NJ
You wouldn't think it but central NJ has more shit than you can shake a stick at.

Animals: grey squirrel, rabbit, fox, possum, deer, groundhog

Birds: robin, blue jay, cardinal, woodpecker, seagull, dove, sandpiper, mallard, canada goose, swan, brown duck, snowy egret, great blue heron, owl of unknown variety that sits on our flagpole at night, osprey, cormorant

And whatever fish are in the river right now, dead bunker keep washing up, blue crabs in summer, eel, sally growler, etc.
Grey and red fox, whitetail deer, grey and red squirrels, occasional coyote, bears, coons, possums, beavers, mink, muskrats, groundhogs, rabbits, chipmunks, feral cats, hawks, we now have an eagle nesting on our land, mallards, wood ducks, wood peckers, doves, robins, cardinals, tons of other birds that I don't know, turkey, vultures, snakes, snapping turtles, box turtles...the list just goes on.

I live in the woods and have a large swamp and creek. Anything that walks or flies in Pennsylvania (other than elk) have been through. Haha!
My neighborhood has about 12 homes in it on a private drive. We have 3 ponds, full of trees, all inside city limits. For the past few months we had a lone Canada Goose sitting by the edge of the pond all day every day.

Last week the goose had its mate back and 5 little baby geese in tow walking around the neighborhood. That was pretty cool.
My back yard is half food plot, so I get to see mostly deer.

so far this am I’ve seen goats and chickens out back.
These guys just walked right up to my kitchen door on Tuesday, I was on a call in the office saw the momma hop up on the 6' iron fence and stopped mid statement to yell out to the GF to snap a pic. I've also got blue jays, cardinals, woodpeckers, and mockingbirds as a constant in the yard. (yeah I need to pressure wash the green off)

My security cameras have caught a couple of red foxes, some bobcats, coyotes, and we're covered up in whitetail and squirrel.

Porch Turkeys.JPG
Black birds, Eurasian Dove,

toads, pugs geese do fly over. I live in town so nothing interesting.
My new investment, payout around end of August

Bullwinkle was crossing the highway about a mile from my house a couple days ago.

I get a little bit of everything... what I can catch on 'film' is a different story. Some of the more interesting.

A mama bear and two cubs roughly 75 feet from the house(one of the cubs is behind the mama, red arrow):

Thanksgiving dinner caught on film a little before Thanksgiving roughly 20 feet from the house(a third tom was on the ground):

One of my more favorite photos I got about six weeks ago(maybe 50 feet from the house)... bob:
Moose, deer, bear- Murphy Dawg treed two young bear at the same time one night, chased away three coyotes on another. He was a crazy fucker. We climbed the hill across the river the next day and there was a fucking coyote highway in the snow up on the ridge. All sorts of squirrel, chipmunks, an occasional racoon, or rabbit. Get some funny tracks occasionally, maybe marten or mink.

Plenty of robins, crow, blue jay, bunch of little birds I don't know. Hear owl at night fairly often. Had a buzzard out back last week, near what looked to be another buzzard carcass in the river. Might not swim for a while. Had a heron come in for a landing and scare the hell out of me once while I was taking a dip, then scared the hell out of him when I stood up.

There's brookies in the river, don't see them much but we saw this fella taking a snooze the other day.

... Anything that walks or flies in Pennsylvania (other than elk) have been through.

i have a lot of critters around here but never saw a porcupine until i went to your state. I see them over there w/regularity-

Edit: never sawva Bobcat or Lynx either-
Had a coyote pass in front of my driveway camera 1:30 this morning, had a Scaled Quail prance around in front of the porch cam. Earlier this year had the whole flock line up on the railing, song birds, rabbits
We live on 10 acres and routinely have turkeys, deer, foxes, squirrels and song birds.
I had turkeys beating the shit out of my kitchen door then shit on the deck and left
Just normal town stuff. Did see an oriole the other day, which was pretty cool.
my neighbors cat Charlie hangs out and watches me work on vehicles and stuff

Had an antelope in the back yard today, neighbor had a turkey vulture in his tree last week (first time seeing one here).
I live in a subdivision with a fenced in back yard but I get plenty of rabbits that the dogs ( dobermans ) want to chase along with the squirrels and various birds that they see. At night I can hear the coyotes howling.
Raccoons, possums , Rats, Tree squirrels, Bull Frogs, Turtles, Great Blue Heron, Anna Hummers, Rufous Hummers, Scrubs Blue Jays, Steller's Blue Jays, Mourning Doves, Red Tail Hawks, Barred Owls, Deer, Rabbits, ...so, so much more. I have cool pictures of them all but it's a PITA to resize them for posting.
we get bobcats, cayotes and deer (who during the summer months like to rest underneath my deck in the backyard. Also last year, we had some foxes hanging out
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Animal: Bear, deer, raccoon, fox, opossum and once a porcupine....
Birds: Ravens, Flickers, Robin, Jays, Bald Eagles, variety of Owls, variety of other tweety birds...
A moose hung out about 20 yards away while we ate dinner outside a couple weeks back, several deer have been hanging out in our yard a lot too. Got a damn packrat I'm trying to kill, a few rabbits, hopefully no voles this year.
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