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Tech in CC, TIG filler rod question


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May 19, 2020
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I don't venture out of CC anymore, so here goes
Welding a spider pin to a carrier. The spiders started galling on the pin slightly (barely), but it was enough to snap the roll pin, float it out, and ruin the R&P. This is on a 35 year old Bomag roller compactor. The ring and pinion were like 3K. Can't buy a whole new third, hard/impossible to put something else in there, making it work. The thing goes 3 mph, hard to believe the spiders are winging that fast even with a 4:1 planet on the end.
The question. The spider pin only has about .015-.020" slop. I'm welding it in after polishing the pin and inner bore of spiders. Cast carrier, hard pin. I've used dual shield 7100 E71T with 350 perheat before on cast with great success, but the guy wants it tig'd. What filler am I looking for in this application? I currently only have 308L and er70s in the shop, but can order whatever.
if you can order whatever, call up llincoln and ask them, then order a lb and charge the guy for it. that would be the best way and it would give you a fallback if for any reason it has an issue and the guy wants to complain to you about it.
Less of a “fallback/cya” thing, he’s a former boss and friend. Suppose I could call a company, hoping for esankiani type advice from those that have done
There's high nickel TIG filler out there. :confused: It's hard to find, but it is out there. Techalloy 99 I think is one of them.

Lots of guys take the NI-99 stick rod and knock the flux off. Yeah, it sounds like a farmer fucking a pig, but it's legit.
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