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Teacher gets 8 years for molesting 28 first-graders


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May 19, 2020
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Jackson, MS USA
A judge sentenced a former Springboro teacher to eight years in prison on Wednesday.

Hopkins molested 28 first grade girls at Clearcreek Elementary School. His actions were caught on surveillance video. He would nuzzle and kiss the girls, along with putting his hands on their thighs and other body parts and inside of their shirts.

Hopkins had told police he only gave side hugs and high fives. During his trial, prosecutors noted he didn't treat the first-grade boys the same way.

His defense attorneys said he was on the autism spectrum at the time of his trial.

Parents who'd seen the videos testified how they felt "appalled" and "disgusted" by Hopkins' behavior.

“[Hopkins] put her on his lap, spread her legs, tickle her, nuzzling and all while gym class was going on,” a father said in his testimony.

Hopkins could have received a maximum sentence of 170 years in prison.

That is about 3.5 months per child. WTF?

He will be out in 5 if he survives prison. I hope that he doesn't
Lemme guess, the judge is a Democrat.

Democrats just think it's an odd hobby.

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