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Teach me on 1985 Mack Superliners

I don't know shit about a mack superliner, but that thing is sick and you should buy it.
From what I have been told unless motor is modern DEF system it is a giant yard art in CA, whichis why good ol JR is getting rid of it
Go for it. At $4500 what could be wrong.
400 bc was the engine when that was new....
slow throttle responce ? Explain. (These old girls are used to a long warmup ) .
as an rv\ privateers rig I think you skate the def bullshit.
13 would not be my first go to but more than adequate.
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From what I have been told unless motor is modern DEF system it is a giant yard art in CA, whichis why good ol JR is getting rid of it

Yup it has to be CA. compliant , boycott California if you're a trucker , fuck them and their over reaching bullshit.
Looks basically a Mack cab, frame, and maybe front steer axle

Engine Cummins BC 400. Those engines if taken care of were good for 750K before complete overhaul.
Fuller Road Ranger 13 Speed. Good transmission and more than enough gears for 400 HP

I can’t see the diffs but if the 3rd `member comes out the front they are not Mack’s and probably Spicer/Dana

Did you take pictures of the front axle and the steer box?
I didnt thino to take pics of the gearbox or the axles.. it was weird box on axle setup.
I drove an RW613 for years in college. If the 400 is a Cummins, I'm not familiar with it. Ours had the E9 V8 (1,000 cubic inch, 500hp).

Ours had the Mack 12 speed (essentially a 5 speed, and you can split each gear low-high. You also have 5 reverse gears. There was also an 'extended range' deep low 1st you could use).

As far as the trucks go, look at the engine mounts and body mounts carefully for cracking, and check out the frame near the rear end mounts as well (if it's a single frame). As with any truck that age, check for slop in the steering gear.

The heater core is a bitch to get at and clean; hopefully, it isn't full of dirt.

Hard to tell in the photos, but it looks like it might be a Mack rear end with camelbak suspension? If so, check for broken leafs at the bottom of the packs.

I loved that truck.
Full blood Macks have a gold bulldog on hood. That is a Cummins for sure. I loved the 400 I drove, and it was an old one.
Cab lights suggest it pulled oversized loads, but not necessarily real heavy. No ramps welded on frame to hook up to a lowboy detachable gooseneck. Mack rearends are always engaged. Unlike Eaton/Spicers with interlock air switch. You might be looking at an air-assist for front axle. They suck balls!! Cab looks same as an older R model.
Me, I wouldn’t touch it at half the price. I’ve drove junk and I’ve drove top of the line. Junk is junk

Big cam 400 cpl 625. Started up right away, but had slow response to throttle input (cold?)

One thing that struck me odd was the steering box on the front axle (not the frame)

Supposedly about 600-800k miles, engine rebuilt once, no papers of course
fuck that
Too many miles
Too old
Too mack.

youd haft to pay me twice as much to take the fucking thing
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