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Sturgis protesters

I'm having a hard time deciding if that was hilarious, or pathetic.
They must have borrowed some brass ones thinking their gay protest would be welcome there.
he had a nice baseball bat sign. i figure the cops looked at the biggest fag, waited till he did something to get attention and dropped him. knowing the rest would be scared and disperse.
Gives the cops something to do, I’m sure they were bored doing nothing all week

Sturgis Rally is funding the area mainly through Law Enforcement. It's a major cash influx to the area:


Bunch of out-of-staters come in and commit crime, leave behind hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, lawyer fees, court costs, police work, etc.

It all works out because it's mostly not violent, and while there are DUI accidents and shit, it's really not that bad given the population that shows up.

Net win for the locality.
They must have borrowed some brass ones thinking their gay protest would be welcome there.

They knew the cops would protect them. Also they knew that of all crowds in the US right now, this one had the highest chance of martyring them if the cops didn't save them.

They've been agitating for the other side to jump, and so far nobody's jumped. Many tears of frustration and rage being shed in Beijing.
I doubt anything came of it I’ve never seen so much pro trump swag till this year, literally a trump rally this year.

A lot of younger people too. Not all Gary-aged geezers on trikes. Those people will be voting for decades and decades.

They cancelled the blessing of the bikes this year in my state, redpilling even more non-political boomers and bikers.

No more sitting on your ass, not voting, and saying 'it's all going to be ok'. I think those days may finally be over, glory be.
Unable to readily read any of the boob's linked crime pics. Kinda like the rest of his posts . . .. . Noobly Boooby can you expand on your China tears and weeping thoughts as they relate to Sturgis ??
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