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Street Rod


Jul 8, 2009
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Gatesville, TX

wow, this game was awesome!

Seriously, i'm pretty sure this influenced my life more than any other game, ever. can't believe I actually found what it was called :lmao:

any computer person want to help me out and figure out how i can get this as a local copy on my computer so that i can play it without being connected to the internet?
Motor swaps were so easy back then!

it still might be the best game ever for that kind of stuff. :laughing: you actually get to see inside the motor, chop tops, shave weight, swap tires.

Hell, i STILL think used tires should be free because of that game :laughing:
I wish they would remake it just like that but with better graphics and racing. Just make a Street Rod Forza

Wasteland was another go to back in the days of 4 color graphics
I seem to remember there was a group out there trying to "remaster" this game.

I remember playing this game at a buddies house growing up (my family did not have a computer back then) for hours on end. Im sure it is what got me interested in wrenching.

My red Corvette is still unbeaten!
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