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Stainless exhaust hangers


Red Rocket
May 19, 2020
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I’ll be building new exhaust from the manifold back out of stainless and v bands on my 4Runner once I finish the sc 3.4 swap. It’ll be routed in the factoryish location, and I’d like to use the stock hangers. I’m having a hard time finding any of the round pipe side hangers that aren’t mild steel. I could buy round stock and turn down the section that goes through the rubber insulator or wftever it’s called, but if there’s a prebuilt and prebent option I’d rather go that route. I’ve found a couple on amazon but they’re either out of stock or want stupid money or won’t ship to ak. Is there a decently priced option out there that I’m missing?
I bought them from summit or jegs. Tons of options and a little heat makes them easy to bend around your tube.
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