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Squarebody rigs on leafs


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Nov 11, 2020
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Farber, MO
Hey guys, just looking for inspiration for suspension setup on my '84 K20 long bed. I've got my mind kind of made up but I'm wanting to see what other people are using for setups. Post pictures and your setup if you can. Mines an '84 with 4" lift springs installed by the previous owner, currently on 285/70r17's. . I'm going to do a B52 kit with either 52 or 54" springs in the front, shackle flip on the rear but I can't decide on keeping 56" springs or swapping to 63's on the rear.


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I have an '88 V30, just some 4" springs up front and an alcan pack out back with an ORD shackle flip kit. Nothing fancy and it rides lie a logging truck...

But it is my work/fun truck that doesn't see much more than a poorly maintained dirt road or pasture...
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I threw a bunch of bolt on stuff at a CUCV ORD/Devers springs on front, ORD cross member, motor mounts, PSC hydro steering, ord crossover, new copper and brass radiator, flowkooler water pump, Lugnut4x4 rear brakes, Think I used his fronts so it uses the same calipers all around, ord shackle flip in rear,diy4x4 shock inboard. Put a grizzly locker in front, winch.
So I ran 48", 52" and 56" front springs. In the rear I ran 56" and 63" springs. The best combo by far was 56" springs all around. With the 52" spring swap you have to move the rear shackle and all that jazz. I also wasn't impressed with durability of the 52" spring. Although I see Kert from DIY4x says you dont have to depending on which hole you use... To be honest I got a lot of flex from 48" springs and I think if it were me, I would go with ORD new front springs and a beefier longer shackle and be done in front with DIY4x knuckle shock mount. With 56" springs I bet you could use the front hole of the b52 and keep the shackle in the factory hole, and get 1-2" of wheelbase stretch. I used a custom hanger so I cant guarantee the b52 would fit the 56" spring.

In the rear, I ran the 56" springs with a shackle flip and they were great, I went to 63" springs cause the internet says they are awesome....they do ride soft, but I bent them because there is so much unsupported ply. I also go hung up on the leading spring hanger on the 63, when that never happened with the 56" springs....
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