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Spinoff to Shotgun Spinoff, Mean Looking Guns


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May 19, 2020
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San Diego, Kalifornia
Here in California there is another issue entirely with firearms. The meaner, more military they appear, the more likely you are to be successfully sued after using it defensively. I got this information from a attorney friend who sues people for a living. Appearance is everything to a jury who doesn't know shit about guns. My shotgun looks like a shotgun, a little meaner than out of the box, but it still has the appearance of a Remmington shotgun. I have a revolver for my primary home defense pistol because I know I can usually hit what I point it at, and 6 .357 rounds should kill just about anything on this continent. They are the only two firearms in the house safe in the master.

I have AR's but they are unloaded and locked in another safe. I have 2 loaded firearms in this safe, another .357 revolver, and a Mini-14. I do have a preference for leaving revolvers loaded versus semi-auto pistols because they are grab and go; no springs to wear out, no safeties, no slides to operate, just .357 big boom.

None of them look like military weapons, but do the same job. Firearm owners in unfriendly 2nd Amendment states need to be careful not only in who they shoot, but what they shoot them with.
Big scarry guns, = MUST BAN, thee prk's mantra!
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This gun doesn't look scary. I'm sure it hasn't been used to kill many people.
Gs patton called it

The greatest military item ever made!
I forget the actual quote...:usa::usa:
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