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Spin off: Why do you dislike big city’s

Too many people not enough space. I lived in 13 places before I left "home" spent ten years in a 50k pop city now I'm ten miles from a traffic light and plan to keep it that way.
Dislike? I shop there then leave. I grew up in the suburbs of one, glad I don't live there now. I hate having to stop at traffic lights constantly, not being able to turn left without waiting at a light, Can't have anything not secured or it gets stolen, etc etc
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Because nothing good has ever come from a city in the last 50 years. Cities used to be the epicenters of manufacturing due to available labor but these days most of that has moved to smaller population bases or out of the country leaving big cities to be festering shitholes of crime, filth, welfare dependency, drugs and democrats. They have the voter base to make whatever laws they think they need which the rural areas of the states just have to put up with, needed or not.

Fuck big cities and fuck those that vote in them to make them what they are.
I like to visit them, but happy to leave.

Worked in Boston for 4 years. Traffic gets old in a hurry.
Way too many people. Way too much traffic. Being around all those people all the time just makes you a shitty person. Everyone is rude and uppity. We're just not meant to live that way and it fucks people up.
I like to visit them, but happy to leave.

Worked in Boston for 4 years. Traffic gets old in a hurry.

I used to wonder why my coworkers from the Boston office were always so crabby.

Then I visited. Cool history and all but holy fuck that place sucks to drive in.
City people. I don't understand their priorities.

Have friends who are raising their families in condos, own luxury cars to drive in heavy traffic, working a completely meaningless job and are up to their eyeballs in debt to live like that. One buddy was all stoked on his new $500 brown leather shoes, was talking about it as if he finally "made it".

Whenever I visit and work in the city I just can't figure out the point of it all.
Because that's generally where the "fuck you " attitude is.
people are okay, one at a time

too many at once are rats in a cage eating eachother mostly because they're bored
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