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Sold class 8 truck 8 months ago, title still in my name


May 19, 2020
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Yeah, I'd skip making false statements - contact the DMV & tell 'em you just discovered your release of liability never went through.

You sold the fucking truck - obtaining a "duplicate title" for a vehicle you sold sounds like you're trying to get at that prison-yard buttsex again.

Think legit, not shady - especially since you spilled your purse on the internet and your attempted fraud would be easy to prove.

Don’t do that. They’ll fine you $15. :laughing:

Just make up a name. Hop on google find an abandoned address in the ghetto from street view and fill it out online with that info. Sold a lot of cars to people who would not give me any of their information or didn’t speak enough English to get the information correctly. Go inside immediately and file it online. Ohh and print the page and don’t lose it. DMV always pulls the “well we didn’t receive the release of liability”