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So is an irate post visible on most PBB forums?


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May 21, 2020
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Or just in chit-chat? It needs to be in the tech forums as well, or not?

Let's make up a text to post all over pbb and the rest of The Internet's new place of e-freedom?

I mean... I just edited a title. This is the real freedom.
I mean, all other forums need to know there is a privately owned, safe for ten years before sellout :flipoff2:, forum to come "back to".

A place like the internet used to be, or what not.

If we don't make a big splash now and keep it going I fear the moment might fizzle out. No?
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I kinda get what hes saying now.

Hes thinking tell everyone on the internet that used to post on various other forums, like Yellowbullet ect about this place, and to come on over. In theory it sounds feasible but I wouldn't want to be Austin when suddenly he has 100,000 members and 500 different forums to deal with.
Why the fuck is the goose stepping, brown shirt, freedom hating, anti-american OP even here, and why hasn't the OP been banned for good just on general principle.
I like the one with the stars and bars (confederate flag) done in gay pride colors better :flipoff2:

:laughing:I was gonna post that. Someday I’ll figure out how to post a god damned picture.
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