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May 19, 2020
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Living in hell
got everything ready for pig roast next weekend.
welded up grates for pig pit.
now relaxing with cervaza

Picked up some Groslch and Moosehead, gonna play some more Red Dead Redemption 2.

Wish I hadn't slept on it, looks amazing in 2k Ultrawide on PC.
In. Let mom have the day off. Played with the kids all day. Pool party and shenanigans.

Cooking a pizza and hopefully some nextflix and chill.

Did yard work most of the day and had a nap in the middle of it. Gf spent the afternoon cooking and busted out a platter of her bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos. So beer and jalapenos it shall be for dinner.
Not in yet. I have to load the crawler on the trailer. My friends gf kungflu test came back negative so we are going to Tuttle creek tomorrow. We were supposed to go today but she was sick last week and had to get tested so they were both on quarantine so we had to cancel the trip. One day is better than no days.

Today I stopped by a neighbors house and bought a clean 81 Yamaha XS400 and a woods mower off his AC CA it will fit my B so thats good.

I installed a bench seat from a Butterface Ford and put it in my 71 Red Green F3shitty.

I got the XS400 running and rode it around the Southwest Southwest. Its not charging so maybe it needs a new stator? Idk.

Got the radiator and fan installed on the crawler and took it for a ride around a couple sections.

I mowed my yard.

Went to a cookout at my kids Grandparents house.

Now Im about to go get loaded.

Sort of productive day.
In. Just finished a batch of gumbo and smoking a brisket. Watching LOTR with the kiddo before a long day of landscaping tomorrow.

Been listening to the wind and watching it rain all day. Hurricane shifted south of us, so we missed the worst part.
On the fence with that one. Is it worth it? FWIW I loved the storyline in GTA V.

Yep, I only sat on it because it was buggy as hell when they finally released it on PC. Story is awesome so far. I'm like less than 1/3 of the way through it in 20 hours, so lots to do.

Lassoing people around the neck from their horse then dragging them over cliffsides to hang em has been pretty entertaining. :laughing:

I can't get over how nice the game looks, though granted I'm playing on a 2080 TI and a 34" 2k ultrawide. Seen some screenshots on the new 49" Samsung G9s, def jealous haha

edit: Part of me wants to reinstall Reshade for it since it doesn't have ray tracing built in, but I can't imagine I'd get more than like 30 fps with it.




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Just finished priming some body panels for my buggy. Going to shoot the top coats first thing in the morning then wheeling and miscellaneous other dumb shit at a friends pit.
Motorcharge said:

Picked up some Groslch and Moosehead,
Grolsch with the replaceable stopper cap? Is moosehead still dirt cheap? I have vague memories of nights full of that, molson and labatt blue.

in, mowed lawn. Puppy was an asshole again today. Dont care to eat dinner. Fucking fuck.
In. Slapped a clutch in my buddy's Mustang this morning, turns out that when he says he doesn't have time to do it he means he'd rather sit next to the car and drink beer while someone else puts a clutch in it but he paid more than I wanted to do it so I can't complain.
Got family coming over tomorrow so spent the day cleaning. Watering the garden now, smokin some tobacco in a corncob pipe and drinking some whiskey. :usa:
Sort of in.
Made it to my local Cars and Coffee earlier today.
We hosted my parents and in-laws later in the day, BBQ and good company...

Now likely to take the fun car for top down cruise in a few.

Here is is a 510 Wagon with Pontiac quad engine swap...



Grolsch with the replaceable stopper cap? Is moosehead still dirt cheap? I have vague memories of nights full of that, molson and labatt blue.

Yep, catch it in the stores every once in a while.

For an import, relatively. $6 for 4 pint cans. Iirc 12 pack bottles are like $13-14, but you can never find them anymore here. I like craft beer, but that's all anyone sells around here anymore other than the major brands. I really like Canadian lagers, but Total Wine is about the only place in the area you can find them anymore and the closest one is like 15 miles from me. Was shocked to see Moosehead at Publix, let alone in cans.
The wife and I went abandoned exploring out in the Northern Neck area of VA. I usually don't partake and just ride but I have a soft spot for crusty old pumps. Also found a 2019 Tacoma we're probably going to buy tomorrow.


Didn’t do much today. I changed the fridge water filter, and made a tub of garlic butter. Mrs wanted to run to town so we went to Home Depot and got stuff

Dinner was pretty good, nice and simple. Tritip, fries, and salad :smokin:

I broke out the clippers and gave myself a fresh buzz cut, now I’m enjoying an adult beverage or three watching Last Man Standing

Tomorrow is my Monday :homer:

*That 510 with the Pontiac motor is sweet:smokin:
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