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May 19, 2020
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I spent the day buying building supplies and tearing out the old roof from the stairwell at my warehouse. Gonna build the walls up so I can reinstall a stairwell after all my building inspections are done. Still have to swing my warehouse thread over here.

Finished the tear out today, and filled the blocks with concrete and bolts for my bottom plate. It's gonna be fun building 14 foot tall walls tomorrow with my 9 year old boy and 7 year old girl as the help. :homer:

Having a coors light with clamato right now. Fuck off you beer snobs
I think I'm in......

Spent the day looking at houses with the wife, I'm not impressed with any of them. It's either a nice location with a house that's meh, or a shitty location with a nice house.

Stopped at the local farm store and grabbed a piece of 1/8" plate for my SxS project before heading back home. I should probably get back to working on that thing tomorrow.
Tryin to win a lathe at auction.

I hate online auctions.

I'll go have a beer after I lose:laughing:
in. was milling 80% 45 acp lower
but the jig i got from new frontier sucks. thing is going in the trash. i order a new top jig for my 80% arms, should of just waited for it. it will be here Monday
Just did brakes on my sister's car, about to try out my new ultrasonic cleaner.
In. Wife and I are in Sceep Land, New Mexico that is. Making our way towards Albuquerque, then grab 40 and head towards TX.
Shiprock is a great summer vacation spot:flipoff2:

I took off this coming week to burn some vacation hours (we top out at 160), this will also qualify me for the buy back in November. Tomorrow would normally be my Monday. Mrs has a list of things she’d like me to get to, I won’t be bored :laughing:

We picked up a hummingbird feeder yesterday since Mrs said she saw one the other day trying to feed on our deck lights. I put it out this morning and it was discovered five minutes later

Me and Mrs ran to town today to pick up a few things for a light bathroom remodel that is long overdue. Mrs found a new vacuum, she’s pretty happy with it (that’s right... new vacuum = happy Mrs :grinpimp: )

Time to start on a rum&coke

Didn't do much today, went to Costco, they wanted me to wear a mask, we refused and went in anyway. The rest of the day was spent plotting out the new greenhouse and garden spot and grilling up a bunch of goodness. Gonna finish the night off with some OG Coors and maybe a movie or something.
Did some work om my sprinkler drip system this morning. I added another run for some new foliage and repaired a leak on a main feeder line that my wife caused while doing some digging. :mad3::laughing:
Other than that I built an escape ladder for one of my window wells and didn't really do shit the rest of the day which is carrying over to this evening - just going to watch some Aussie football.
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Checking in!
Met a good friend of mine for coffee this morning, turned in to staying for lunch - we work together but she's been working from home since March. It was definitely nice to catch up, I don't do a good job of making time for stuff like that. Got some stuff done around the house and then husband and I went out for supper at our local BBQ joint. He went to check bank lines with the guys, I'm just feeling like having some time to myself, so cuddled up on the couch with the dog and having a couple of beers.
Gotta mow in the morning and get some stuff done before heading to a buddy's gender reveal... I'm not a fan of things like that, but I want to support him and his fiance. So, got that tomorrow afternoon.
It's been wet and drizzling up here all day so it's been clean house time all day. Will have a load for the dump and one for the thrift store tomorrow. Been cleaning out two kids bedrooms that are finally out for good, one is for my office and the other for my wife as a guest bedroom and exercise room. Can hardly wait until the downstairs adult daughter with her kid finalize her divorce and move out.
In, I just woke up from a nap...lol...watching an Adam Sandler movie (one of his better ones, Just go with it)
A bit chilly here this evening.
Went tractor pulling for the first time of the season. Ended up 4th out of class of 18 tractors on a new setup. Went to dinner with the wife. Now home and trying to finish up homework for teh summer class.
In. Broke the fucking bellhousing on the NV4500 installing it behind the 6.0. dead in the water now until the new one gets here. on the winning side of things i troubleshot and fixed some wiring and made a LED light and lens work with the scout marker light housing and did some more god forsaken body work. i hate bondo.

defrosted an elk steak and turns out my Traeger needed cleaning so at damn near 9 i am finally about to eat.
Still hanging out waiting to take my wife to the hospital. Thought it was time a couple of hours ago... contractions at 15 minutes, my parents came to pick up our son, and then contractions backed off again.
Still hanging out waiting to take my wife to the hospital. Thought it was time a couple of hours ago... contractions at 15 minutes, my parents came to pick up our son, and then contractions backed off again.

Sounds like you are going to be busy soon!

Worked today then came home and loaded up the shitbox to go wheeling tomorrow. Until then drinking beer and might fire up the CoD
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