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I should have got up and went to work.....
faaaaaaawkin thing getting done here today!!!!!!
Slept in late! Shoveled snow, went and got a coffee and breakfast with the wife, actually lunch since it was almost noon. Been cleaning the house all afternoon, will be making a dump run tomorrow.
Took the trash out. Checked on a family members house and got takeout for dinner. It’s been a lazy day here otherwise and I am okay with it.
Still cold here... A friend stopped by and dropped off a w/craftsman generator, "needs a part" to run... Goofing off watching The Office-
Primarily couch surfing today, ok with that.
Laundry dealt with, got my Redwings polished up and ready for some snow fun come next week.
Browsing interwebz and reading up on OBA 12v setups folk are running nowadays, ‘ol TruckAir compressor I got back in 2004 or so is due for a replacement/retirement.
It is something that still gets packed into my commuter vehicle along with jumper cables, tire plugs, and some other random bits.
Cousin and nephews are over, all went for a walk with the dogs. Concluded I need to train my dog to be better on the leash...but probably won’t.

Marinated some chicken with italian dressing and grilled it, eating before I feed the kids.
In. Finished the wiring at the ADU conversion at the folks house. Started all the drywall patch.

Thinking it's going to end up a semi smooth finish in the kitchen area instead of the existing knock down texture. I fawking hate doing drywall patch. One of the few things I am horrible at. It will really be easier for me to trowel on a thin coat and sand it smooth tha trying to match the existing texture.

Drinking beer and going to bed early because I know that shit is going to take longer than I want.:mad3:
Laid back day for sure... slept in, hauled trash, cruised backroads with the wife on our way to pick up chinese for late lunch. Been hanging out with wife and kiddos all afternoon, surfing Tractor Supply website now since I got a gift card from my guys at work.

Oh, and if you can find it GREAT beer.
Had to go in to work today to board up a broken window at the Hall of Justice. Kinda ruined my day.
Having a nice rum and Coke now, will be to bed by 8pm.
Not losing

Hung out with Mrs and both girls today. We did family portraits at my folks request, we do our Christmas with them tomorrow

Now we’re watching Netflix, sipping on a rum&cokes

Tomorrow is Monday :homer:
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