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SNLC what is it?


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May 19, 2020
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Crusty's Brewing, Wa
My uncle found this in his junk what is it?

He should go see a doctor if he found that in his junk:flipoff2:In all seriousness it could be worth a decent amount of cash to a collector.
Hard to judge the size, but bottom pic sort of indicatess a "rim" at the opening, similar to that of a glass bulb cover of a Fruit Jar style kind of light fixture.
Being pink I'd say decorative light fixture.

Insulators are clear/blue/green/brown and typicaly cone-ish shaped.

Edit. Fucking auto correct. No insulators arent shaped like come. CONES I TYPED CONES GOD DAMNIT
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I doubt that it's a insulator due to the dish in on the closed side. More than likely a lamp shade or reservoir for a oil lamp.
I am thinking Railroad telegraph or signal insulator. You have to be an old boomer to remember the "telegraph lines" running next to the railroad track; most of that shit is long gone. Funny GF and I saw an old water tank next to a railroad track up in Wyoming yesterday.

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