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snlc late edition

painted a couple propane tanks
wasted the rest of the day farting around on the internet because its cold outside

In the shop drinking beers, staring at my new-to-me torches and rooting around trying to find a set of flashback arrestors that may or may not actually be in here...

Miserable cold outside but turned in $crap. Depressing when it gets dark at 0430hrs... Out-

I did some clean up outside the house since the weather was nice. Nephew was looking for something to do, so he put the auger on the tractor and finished off some holes I started for a gate project. Mrs was happy the holes are now ready for me to start on the gate. I guess I need to get a materials list together, Mrs has been anxious for this to get started (manual gate vs automatic gate in the weather)

Tomorrow is Monday... I’m sipping on a rum&coke :homer:
In. Just fucking off.

Was with the kid all afternoon, including 2.5 hours (total) of sledding. He kept making me ride with him over the hump/ramp. I'm too old for that shit ..... Kept channeling my inner Sam Beckett. Oh boy. Oh boy ! - air time - *boom* We did take him snow shoeing yesterday for the first time. Mixed results --- Mainly due to me being cranky.

Made dinner and just lulled around with him & mom/wife until bed time. They've both been asleep since 8:40.

Overall ... a good day.
Im just reclined back on the couch watching the forged in fire that recorded earlier in the week
In. Puppy is being a prick. Cleaned up a bit outside. Trying to find anything worth watching. I should really take up alcoholism.
In watching peppa pig:flipoff2: I didn't do shit today. Drove the girls to Merced and it was foggy it's crazy how many people don't know how to drive in the fog.
got the kitchen and laundry room organixed enough to get a wheel chair through them easily. so the gf can let the dog out and feed her. Get more snacks than i pack her for daily lunch
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