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Smilies are not coming back to PBB

The fact that some of you actually believed a word of the bull shit that AGJeff was spewing about checking on stuff is hilarious. :lmao:

When someone tells you "I'll pass it along to the higher ups" that's a polite way of saying "Fuck off, we dont care what you want". :shaking:

Fuck that other place, It's nothing without its members. Half the tech info is ruined due to photobucket and alot of what's there is incomplete due to old users dropping like flys and not finishing threads.

What is still there can be searched with google or whatever other methods there are, and I doubt very much new tech will ever be put there again. It's just another VS ghost town now.
She has already been here.

But who cares? She doesn’t have any power over here. I actually wouldn’t mind but don’t think she would want to stick around. This spot has the potential to be a bit too warm.

I doubt she will hang around. Hopefully she does, but I'm not sure she is really interested unless she becomes a vendor to pimp the ultra 4 swag.
We all knew there weren't and if you truly thought that they were than you are the sucker they thought you were:laughing: