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Silver double cab


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May 19, 2020
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Here’s a Toyota



Trying to figure out what to do with the front end. 3rd set of headlights are fucked.


So I had a long post written up. And when irate refreshes, it fucking clears it all. That’s annoying.
well...that's lame :confused: did you try hitting the back button on your browser? Sometimes that brings things back for me. made a couple long posts on here and haven't had it refresh without warning on me yet
I fucking love it. Replacing headlights is par for the course when your rig parties. it would be a shame to dove nose the front and get rid of the best front end on a Taco.
I fucking love it. Replacing headlights is par for the course when your rig parties. it would be a shame to dove nose the front and get rid of the best front end on a Taco.
Thanks man, I’m not a big fan of the dove nose look either.

here’s the pods
Had a blast yesterday. Probably time to put the treps back on.




A video of Saturday wheeling.


Got a call at 1730 Sunday night for a friend stuck on the wrong side of a raging river crossing. 3 hours away.

So keep in mind, I had just come back from this area at 130 Sunday morning, Arriving home at 430 am. Slept for a few hours. So I loaded back up and headed to help. Meeting another friend with a land cruiser on the way. We forded through a few sketchy deep river crossings that threatened to sweep me away, and found out stuck friends.

they had crossed this creek on Friday, but we got severe rain Saturday night and it was now over 4 feet deep, flowing FAST and dangerous. We threw straps across, pulled the first guy through on a strap with the cruiser. we almost lost him to the current. We had to run my winch line to him RFQ to get him all the way through. It was somewhat scary.

Even though we tarped his front end he still took in water. We drained 2 gallons of water from his OIL drain plug. Sucked the water out his intake Manifold, and pulled plugs to Shoot out what got into the cylinders. He fired up and was able to drive out under mostly His own power Dispute major electrical malfunctions.

We also pulled a 16 Tacoma through, he stayed dry. We winched and strapped him from the start and with the tarped front end his air filter was bone dry coming out. I hooked up a strap to him, to drag him through the rest of the crossings.

LC buddy hooked up to the other rig to drag him through. It was only a mile back to the trailhead so we made good time getting back. The rig that took on water wasn’t street worthy of the 3 he drive home. I trailered the soaker, my friend drove my Tacoma 3 hours on the highway to get home.

Got home at about 0615 this morning and had to immediately leave for work.

pretty rowdy ass time.
Another successful solo recovery of an abandoned vehicle on the trail.







did some easy trails with a couple buddies with slightly less capable units.


truck is down for a little bit. Pulled my TG case out to sell it. I called marlin and they said it’s not a coincidence that their sleeve doesn’t fit on the trail gear input. I’ve ordered marlin comp 4.7 gears, and new TG adapters. Planning to jam it all in a genuine Toyota case and hopefully it’ll all work together nicely.

No more carpet



Have a bunch of little things to do while it’s not driving. See if I can get any of it done haha
I don’t have 6 grand :question:



weathertechs will go back in too.

6? I'm guessing that's canuk bucks?

My buddy just ordered one for literally a silver double cab Tacoma with a 5 spd conversion and 1 tons. He said $3800 otd. It's more, I'm sure, but isn't that taco box almost $3k?
I priced out an atlas 4 speed at 4200 USD, with the Exchange rate its about $5200 with shipping. Shafts are another $800. I’m counting 6000 Canadian.

I’m doing a marlin 4.7 comp gears, tg adapters in a spare Toyota case I had.
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fuck this forum sucks ass, can’t even delete these extra fuckin photos




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Late reply but it happens to Marlins coupler also. It’s called fretting. It was documented on the “other” site 10 years ago or more.

Marlin one is way tighter
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