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May 20, 2020
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My 1250 L Doka Unimog , Sherman Pass trail near Kennedy Meadows ,CA.
Mogfest 2019.jpg
Alas, my tiny offering is still a project in the making.

I have a 1979 diesel wagon. I'm dropping the body on an old (1994) S-10 frame and running gear from a Bravada.

The 79 is non-turbo, but I have a couple of turbo OM617 engines hanging around. From what i can see, the remaining drive train will adapt.
Are you cutting those lugs off to fit 17"s like your friends rig?

Haven't gotten around to that yet. I have an overall measurement in mind for when this thing is sitting on 40"s but I may choose to cut down the axles instead of fawking with the wheels.
Good looking rig, you running 404 springs on it also? Has decent flex for only a little load.
Nice, is that the one from your profile pic?

It's been a long process. When I first got it I stripped off the body and got it running and drove it with seats on the frame. Then sandblasted and painted the body.

Then I had kids and no garage.

Now I have garage and the kids are old enough that I can get a little bit of work done here and there.

Does yours have a pertronix civilian ignition? I'm looking for some help on the wiring diagram for installation.
Here’s a couple of my mogs


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I'm down to three Unimog 404s. My first Mog is the '65 NATO Pritsche in my sig, bought it off Craigslist in 1996 for $6k and probably spent another $4k and two years making it into an $8k truck. lol The second is a '62 Hardcab that I imported from Switzerland, it was a military airport firetruck. The third is a '68 Swiss troop transport that had less than 800 original KMs when I imported it. Still had the molding nubbins on the original tires! It's got about 6k KMs on it now.
Any Build / drivetrain pics, or link to more info?
awsome rig.
I was gonna do a build thread but I fawked that up.

Axles are 404 mogs. Narrowed 160mm on the short side. Branik shafts. Turned the flanges to gain some caster. Air actuated lockers. DYI disc brake conversion. 4 link f/r. Front wheel drive tranny with welded diff set sideways to power f/r axles. 2.3 turbo with a standalone ecu.
DYI wheels w/beadlocks. Mog wheel senters in 17" steel wheel drums.
L/R cutting brakes. Full hydro and all sorts of booger welded redneck engineerd shit I cobbled together.
Oh, and luminescent paint :grinpimp:
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