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Should I file a complaint?

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May 19, 2020
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FedEx drop kicked my package across my yard and up my walkway. I figure the package goes through more hell inside processing centers, but it's just disrespectful to see. The box is clearly marked fragile however no damage was done. Should I file a useless complaint, go scorched earth, or piss off?
Pretty much this, the guy is busy af right now.
And you're lucky you don't have 3 feet of snow and -6 degree temps. I wouldn't blame our driver if he tossed the shit out as he was driving by....LOL
I would not call that kicking, just a gentle push to move it along.
Nah, those were love taps. I'd assume it was well packed inside. I was really expecting to see Jim Carey from Ace Ventura.

Thread fails to deliver. :flipoff2:
All y'all need your taints kicked :flipoff2: I'm not actually gonna do anything about it. If my shit was broken I definitely would.
Fuck Fedex. Half of their drivers are scummy losers, and all contractors so they come and go a lot. UPS drivers are career employee people who give a shit. Exceptions exist, but calling Fedex will do no good. I used to use a wholesaler about 3 times a week for 8 years and they would only ship Fedex.

So in short no, calling Fedex will result in that guy throwing the next one through a window.
UPS put on extra drivers for the holidays one of them has been pulling up into the gate putting everything into a plastic bag then tieing it to a fence post, then I have to get in the car drive up and retrieve it. What's so stupid is he isn't saving anytime, by the time he gets it bagged up and tied to the post he could drive to the house and drop it on the back porch :lmao:

Our Fedex contract driver is a sweet heart if I don't meet her at the steps she will bring it all the way up to the door and even ring the door bell. UPS regular driver just gets it to the steps
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In IBB style, someone could find his personal phone number and send the video directly to him.:lmao:
I wouldn't report him if no damage is done, but I would probably try to catch him next time he comes and let him know I don't really appreciate my shit getting kicked around.

Amazon drivers are worse than him. I have all my stuff delivered to work and they will literally throw small boxes over our 8' gate if no one is here to receive them.
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