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May 20, 2020
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Hollywood, Florida
So do you have a shop mascot or know abusiness that has one. I think I found the most unique shop mascot yet. I went to a local steel supply place and there is a big cage inside the door. I Look over and see a blanket with this black and gray tail sticking out. Then I see the sticker at the top says beware of Lemur. This place is chopping and grinding metal all day just like my work does. And here it is just sleeping bundled up in the blanket. As I reached over to take a photo she raised up looked at the camera posed and then crawled back into her blanket it was cool today at about 63 degrees so I can understand. Post up the shop mascot.

Had a scorpion years ago, once the outside lights came on we would get bug's to feed it

Not even a week in and he's got it mastered.
Cutting Edge Engineering on Youtube has a bull dog he says is the Safety Officer even had him an orange vest

When I had my shop my 120# chocolate Lab Brown was the mascot. He loved cutting, grinding, welding, impact wrenches and best of all rolling in burned 90wt.
In the late 1990's early 2000's, there was a breakfast place in Jasper Arkansas that had a black bear caged on their enclosed patio area. Coco is gone now and the restaurant has been revamped.
My Brother-in-law used to have a rooster running around as his shop mascot.

We have some stray cats in the back lot at work, they live in a rotted out 50's Chrysler my boss has laying around. Waiting for the day one finds their way into a customers serpentine belt over night.
just realized you had the cat shaved like a lion how much fun was it giving it a bath and a haircut if I may ask.

He's a long hair so if hes not shaved its hairpukeball over and over. The wife does the shaving, he hated it at first but puts up with it now, I swear he knows its good for him. He's a smart little fucker and makes me laugh every day.
just realized you had the cat shaved like a lion how much fun was it giving it a bath and a haircut if I may ask.

We have 2 Persians that have no problem being bathed and cut. I guess since they grew up with it, they just accept it as part of being a cat.

We tried to bathe the outdoor cat once and wont be making that mistake again.
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Miss Jersey chilling in her bed next up on the welding table next to the woodstove.

And Buddy the neighbors abandoned cat that I swore I wasn't going to take in and threatened to shoot but couldn't bring myself to do it. That was 7 years ago.

I think we'd have a hard time keeping up with dogs, cats, or chickens in here, but we do have one or two 4' tall mexican guys that fill the job pretty nicely.
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