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Separating shaft from birf


Central California
May 19, 2020
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Central California
I admit I have only needed to do this a handful of times and always just slammed the birf onto a piece of tubing/pvc with the axle inside and it'll usually separate from gravity and the weight of the shaft.

I have a set of never out of the box RCVs and I have beaten them till I am out of breath and nada.

Anyone other helpful methods.
Birf. Zerk on end of shaft style?
?preload with grease first?
Come along and make a wish?
I dunno,​
Had a short side from rcv that refused to come out. Called them and they said to try putting the shaft in a vise, maxing out the birf and using a brass bar against the star and go to town (within reason) few hits and it came apart.
Good idea,
bobby said bend em full range and use a brass drift /brass hammer only...
I have only done one set so I dunno as much as these guys.
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