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Sent home from work


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May 21, 2020
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Whats everyone been sent home from work for?..

Today were downing dead trees nbd typical day.. 410E and 1845c and three saws going boss says 5-6 trees maybe... 22 otg, later half already limbed and bucked into 10-12" lengths.. a lot of side hill cutting as well still nbd typical day.. boss rolls up and says lets goto lunch.i said im good toss me a water and I'll keep cutting..cpl. mns go by and he comes up kill it and go home..ok what for wanting to work and not being hungry?.... he says you got a problem ..me , no im fine no problems at al.. Whats your problem, you got a guy that isnt hungry today...and wants to work, yet your sending me home...at this point he yelling go home..I said I am . Took my saw and whatnot back to the truck.abd walked home.. btw I get the whole wknd off!!!!!:flipoff2: will be expected back on Monday,for coffee :flipoff2:

It never occured to me till today. When youre killing it with a saw.. you should only do it by ones self...

So lets hear your reasons..
When I worked at K-mart I got sent home for wearing a black shirt. I worked in the garden department humping bags of dirt to old ladies cars and all my white shirts were filthy. I even offered to buy a white shirt from the store. Nope.
In high school, I worked at Denny’s. I was working a graveyard with my buddy and we were packed to the gills around 11 PM. I proceeded to slip on some water in front of everyone. My back stung like hell. Night manager told me to go home and my buddy was left to pick up all the tables. I went out and partied the rest of the night. :homer::grinpimp::laughing:
My new years resolution for 2017 was to tell people what I think of them. At 6am on the 4th a rat fuck rolled a tool cart behind my 35k forklift so I'd back over it, somebody else saw it and stopped me, and I saw the rat fuck watching from a distance and scurry off. I found him and did everything but touch him, in front of supervisors and cameras and all. By 7am I was sent home. A week later we had the meeting where I beg for my job, and I let management have it for not getting rid of him earlier, I laid out multiple examples of how they failed and put them on the back foot. When we walked out the union reps asked if I wanted to be a steward

the whole thing took about 2 weeks, but I also renegotiated my child support at the time, lemons, lemonade:flipoff2:
Told the shop foreman he sucked at his job and was sent home for 3 days with no pay. Working at a buddies farm moving grain
His boss sounds like a loser without friends that's trying to use his position as boss to force someone to keep him company so he doesn't have to eat another meal alone.

I work for a dousch canoe exactly like you just described. Love my job but hate who I do it for...... Kinda sucks.
remember when the imacs came out?

well that was a CRT monitor with computer parts in the case, so whenever you worked on it you had to discarge the HV side of the CRT.
Discharge wand was faulty. Parts room guy was supposed to check it daily.
I used it to discharge an imac, then promptly grabbed the HV lead to remove it.

woke up on the floor against shelves 5 feet away with two co workers and my boss standing over me.
didn't feel my fucking left arm for two days. Took a few paid days off. probably should have sued the fuck out of microcenter.
By law hourly workers are supposed to take a lunch and 2 15 minute breaks on an 8 hour shift. I never liked it either but it is what it is.

Depends on what state your in man. Not the case in mine.
Sent myself home once. Foreman asked why I was leaving, told him if I didnt I'd bury my hammer in a fuckwads face shortly.
Just once, grocery store job back in the day, I'm 130lbs soaking wet at the time, it's -40c with the wind and 6 inches of snow on the ground late at night, and the manager says go pull the carts around...they have one barely adequate jacket, can't wear my own because reflective shit, don't provide gloves or anything else...I say no, too cold, at least send another guy with me to help so I'm not outside for an hour, he says do it or go home, I went home. Got called by the owner the next day, said I didn't want to get frost bite (aka unsafe), got paid for the full shift and nothing more came of it.
I was sent home for climbing a Monopine (fake pine tree cell tower) this was when they were the new thing. They said I couldnt do that, it wasnt safe. I explained that it in fact was. Took them 2 weeks to figure out there was nothing in writing saying it couldnt be done. they tried to write me up, I refused. Went back to work.
We were all sent home September 11, 2001 in the morning. Just shut down, do not set up, do not operate equipment, just go home. Check out of the motel and return.
Only been sent home once, because I dared to stop at my tool box and take a drink of fucking water on a 90 degree day, 4-5 minutes before it was time to pull cars in and go home. Boss sent me home at 4:50 after a lecture about how I was fucking around and "stealing" from him by daring to stop moving for 30 seconds.

Other than that I've only ever been "Sent home" because I got fired part way through the day at my last job, which was a long time coming and I'd been looking elsewhere anyway.
I was a warehouse supervisor for one of an international satellite television provider's receiver remanufacturing facility... we were asked by my bosses boss (I was the super, my boss was the department manager, his boss, the logistics manager, made the "request") to evaluate a different type of forklift for potential purchase by the company. Check its handling, controls, speed, efficiency, and safety, and compile a report at the end of every shift. About a week into the evaluation, a stack of satellite receivers was dumped off the lift during my shift. Drug tests for everyone were administered that night. The following evening, I came to work and was immediately directed to the conference room where HR was waiting. They questioned me about the incident, then sent me home with pay for the investigation. A week later, I was terminated over the phone for "violation of company policy," as myself, nor any of my subordinates, were certified by the company on that model forklift and the company policy was to only operate equipment in which you were certified by the company's trainers.

Talk about a load of BS. I was the scapegoat. Somebody had to go, since about $72,000 worth of product was on those pallets that fell over.

I took the opportunity as freshly unemployed to switch from regular MGIB to Vocational Rehabilitation through the VA for a higher payout while going to college. I also immediately started my expediting company (I was an O/O prior) right back up to keep the money flowing. This eventually led to me hiring drivers and buying a small fleet of vans before selling the turn-key business 3 years later.
You sound dumber than a teenager. Next time try writing complete sentences without the pig latin and I might impart some of my wisdom. :flipoff2:
WTF was he trying to do? Get you in trouble? Get a new toolbox?

He was a rat fuck, passive aggressive golden boy, he super glued locks on graveyard shifts, had weird father son relationship where he would fuck with people the general manager didn't like and was always given a pass. We figured it would come to light, but it never did, it just got worse. I ran out of patience and became the one to do it.

When I couldn't take it head on, I had to sink to some passive aggressive shit to beat him at his own game.
At one point I bought a mini fridge at a yard sale and stocked it with cold sodas, then tracked the thefts across 3 rotating shifts to pinpoint which shift, missed days, overtime, etc.
Unbeknownst to me, another guy was having problems and set up a camera to watch his box, and caught him in my fridge in the background. He of course had an excuse and got a pass.

the beautiful part of this is I rubbed every single soda on my sweaty taint. With pictures and witnesses, no question, no muddy waters after the fact, every single one of these got choad. I've got pics of my balls on a soda can, trusted co-worker walking past, gets called over to see what's up, I dunk a can down my pants and scrape my taint. Everybody knew he was a thief and a rat fuck, but he still wouldn't quit. 200 guys knew The whole fucking story, no shame, wouldn't quit. The fuck fuck games went on for a couple years until everything came to light and he checked his attitude and apologized. Probably a good thing, I was starting to follow him into camera dead spots on Sundays. I've never thrown the first punch in my life, but it was time:laughing:
Yep pretty sure the standard is either 20 or 30 min per 8 hours.

Well you can "pretty sure" fuck off because that is not the case in my state.:flipoff2:There is no lunch break or any other break as a matter of law unless you are a minor.
I punched a water truck driver through his window
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