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Scored a free JD Mower today then...


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May 25, 2020
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I pulled a JS20 out of the scrap bin at the dump today. I got it home and without touching it had it running. Someone threw a running mower out. The self propelled part didn't work but it ran. I pulled the cover and adjusted the spring on the self propelled belt adjuster and like magic it worked. I cleaned the nearly clogged air filter and it started even easier.

Later this afternoon I fired it up and ran it a bit, then my wife took over. As she was mowing I noticed sparks coming out of the muffler. When she cut it off smoke was coming up from the top center, under the engine cover. The engine is a 6.75hp Briggs. WTF is wrong with it? Stuck exhaust valve? It mows clean and pulls hard. Aside from the sparks and smoke it's perfect. 🤣
Is it over revving? You don't really have a baseline to compare it to but that's usually the easiest way to make a small engine breathe fire. Smoke after you shut it down is usually just something burning under the shroud, either degrease and clean or just deal with it for a while
If it smokes like a tar kiln then your Briggs shit a head gasket. Pretty common actually. I put a new one in mine before I sold it.