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School teacher comparing Trump to Hitler, how to handle


May 19, 2020
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Tucson Az
I've already hardened my kids against this commie shit.

How do I get this fucker fired?


Ask Disney what they would do?
Is this in Tucson? If so the only thing you can do is pull them out and send them to a charter or private school.
The unfortunate thing is you won't be able to sit down and have a discussion on it. Their mind is already made up.


There's no breaking that. Good fucking luck.
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Tucson is a liberal cesspool. This is unincorporated suburbs, significantly more conservative, but still dealing with educators in the suburbs of a blue city.

sitdown, I don't know, I'm still not wearing a fucking mask
its totally acceptable by the dictator minded now a days.

honestly, with the description they have, you could quite easy put the biden logo in it and it would still appear correct
Shit in sunroof? No sunroof? Shit on door step.

You could take it to a school board meeting and raise a stink. You could also make they're social media life a nightmare...but most media outlets are on their side and you'll receive suspension or ban for harassment and or bullying.

Maybe just burn something down. It seems to work for them...
Whatever you do, don't make it a problem for your kid. The last thing you want to do is destroy your kids future because you made a fuss and they are failed or kicked out.

But honestly, tell them in no uncertain terms that you expect them to be inclusive of all political beliefs and that you demand they not force any liberal ideologies on your children in public school, otherwise you'll get your lawyer involved. Use the left's logic against them, they want inclusion for everyone, well they damn well better include those they don't share beliefs with.
Turns out Tucson is a liberal cesspool, guess I should have known better and done some more research prior to moving down. Is it any wonder with the mayor, university, etc it swings the way it does? :mad3:

You can come back, much more fun north.
Did I miss what grade this is?
And your Senator
Krysten goesbothwayscinama. This one is scary. She is picking up a lot women voters:flipoff2:

Crosseye'd prick looks like a politician from a low budget Cheech and Chong ripoff

You should hear him speak, it's like he just finished 40 cat tacos at Filiberto's and is afraid to fart.
Send that into the Dennis Prager show. He would 100% give it some air time if he actually gets his ones on it.
it's a question prompt "how is this similar" so i'd write an answer that lays out how inappropriately dissimilar it is, and juxtapose it with covid restrictions being "loss of freedom" as well as things such as war on drugs, war on terror, war on guns, et al.

fawk it, do the work, tell them to fuck off on the paper.
You can come back, much more fun north.

Not ruling it out, someday. I do like the surroundings down here and less traffic. The job market sucks though, I can "literally" :D add 30-40k to my salary by heading back (it will be more than offset by housing though..) A toss up at the moment. The controllavirus has brought forth the liberal cesspool in a way I couldn't imagine and wasn't prepared for- the politics down here suck.

At least they take it easy on speeders compared to Scottsdale and no red light cameras (gotta count my blessings :flipoff2: )
like others have said have a meeting with the principle

instead of saying i dont agree with your beliefs, you could say its inappropriate to relate WW2 gasing jews worst of humanity type stuff to today ie scaring the kiddos and what not

"oh great now my kid thinks we're in nazi usa and hes prepping the attic to hide his friends who have maga hats"
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