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May 20, 2020
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Went to Florida with the wife and kid to get a tree.
came home and cut down another big pine

hangiing with the dogs while family is doing Xmas tree

about to fix a GM pickup door card because the general's construction methods suck ass.
fucking plastic pins.
[486 said:

it's a GM, it's a shitbox
trust me, I'm a professional :flipoff2:

actually, amend that
it has wheels, it's a shitbox

this is also true.

I'm trying to make this thing the best GM shitbox it can be.
Don't tell anyone, but I put felt tape on the dash panels I took off so it doesn't squeak anymore.

one repaired door card, good as new.

I filled the washer off balance apparently. It vibrated so hard it busted the tub off the frame before I could get back to the laundry room to stop it :homer:

Now I gotta buy a new/used one tomorrow.
Been a gloomy, cold, day today. This morning we fed the cows/calves and did some loader work with the ol' 920 Cat cleaning up a bunch of weed overgrowth and scattering out some dirt piles so I can build some corrals in the corner of a pasture that we haven't grazed for years. On the way home for lunch I saw there was a car sitting in our pasture right behind a couple swinging gates... So I turned around and headed back to see what was going on. Some dipshit flew off the road and went through the fence and the car ended up sitting right there next to those gates. Went on home and ate lunch, did a few other things I needed to get done and grabbed some barbed wire and t-posts to fix the fence back up. Got it all patched back together and yanked the car off our property to the side of the road and threw all the plastic chunks on the hood. Would have put them on the floorboard but the doors were locked. Fuck it, it's the state's problem now! :laughing:
Left at 0530 and drove to hot springs. Wheeled all day and just walked back in the door. Awesome day. Im beat.

Left at 0530 and drove to hot springs. Wheeled all day and just walked back in the door. Awesome day. Im beat.

That's a win in my book:flipoff2:

I'm on day 24 of being stuck in a hotel room and not allow to leave the room. First 14 days were quarantine, but they don't want us catching the beer flu, so were still locked down. Food is placed outside the door, and it sucks. Heard there might be a crewboat tomorrow to take us offshore. We're in Balikpapan, Indonesia, so even the tv has shit on it.
Thanks! I'll be happy when its on a trailer and gone.

Next I need to strip the bro-lite. Need a ranger 2.3l or a disk brake Ford 8.8? :laughing:

I "need" a 2.3 lower intake and I'm sure I could use an 8.8 eventually.
[486 said:

aww those were neat, are they not a thing any more?

It just sort of went away. It was a blast while it lasted. Was winning quite often as long as Erik Miller and posse didn't show up:laughing:
Coming in late for the report that my kid brought home another round of the creeping crud from preschool. He's a walking petri dish!!! He brings something home every month, hops straight on me when not feeling well, then I catch it, the old lady catches it, and it leaves, only for us to start over again in a couple weeks.

This time was an incredible head cold that plugged everything up, eventually clogging the chest. No, its not COVID, as I can taste and smell everything.

I was watching the Army-Navy game when I went downhill, fast and hard. By the evening, I could barely breathe. Yesterday, the kid was near 100%, and today, he's normal. I am almost back today... but the old lady is now bed ridden, probably until Wednesday.

That's a true loser's club. *sniff sniff* *sneeze*
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