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San Quentin coronawave - up to 8000 potential releases


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May 19, 2020
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San Mexico
Aren’t prisoners socially distanced by definition? Making room for patriots?
I drove by the sewage treatment plant they use the other day, and the smell was worse than I can ever recall it being. It may be all the people home during all this, but I bet there are a bunch of deserving miserable fucks over there suffering. Couldn't happen to a worse bunch of shitheads. Just wish all the protesters got the right to take one or more of them home since they feel so sorry for them:shaking:
They probably get a severance package With bricks and stamps so they can rebuild and get back in touch with family.
Close schools, churches, nail places, etc.

Open prisons and allow "outdoor" protests.

WTF is happening?

Democrats that your friends and neighbors voted in.....If its right its wrong, and if its wrong its right.

How has your state not burned to the ground yet???
Criminals let out early because of Covid-19 = Hardly a peep from liberals or msm

Trump commutes Roger Stone’s sentence = Liberals and msm lose their minds
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