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S&W 66-3 K Frame Round Butt Grip Suggestions?


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May 19, 2020
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San Diego, Kingman
I have a Smith & Wesson model 66-3 round butt frame with a 2.75" barrel. I have gone through a few grips for it and haven't found any I like. I have tried Pachmayer Diamond series, and their Gripper series. Diamond is just way too fat to get my hand positioned correctly. Gripper series doesn't fit the pistol correctly and is loose on the frame. Maybe Pachmayer isn't what it used to be because I have a 30 year old Gripper on my 686 that fits perfectly.

I am looking for a soft grip with a thin backstrap cover to help with recoil. Would prefer finger grooves, but want as small a profile as possible. This is a pistol I shoot from time to time and carry when hiking sometimes so its usually exposed or I don't really care if its seen. I might just have to forget the backstrap cover to get a grip that fits properly. Have been looking at the Hogue bantam style grips without a backstrap cover.

Any suggestions?
I dont have a 66 but I run hogues (dont remember which model grips) on a few other wheel guns and semis and I really like them. Ive had pachmyers in the past and never cared for them the hogues just feel better in my hands.
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