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RV Window replacement


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May 19, 2020
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So I backed my buddies U4 car into the side of my other buddies RV and it smashed out the back window. :homer:

I contacted Forest River and we played e-mail ping pong for about a week, and now the dude wants me to remove the window from the RV to get a part number off of it. He also told me there is a 8 to 12 week lead time on the window he "thinks" it is.

Anyone know a direct manufacturer? The RV guy thinks its a CleerVision window.
at least it's NOT a modular window.
I wish I could be of help...
I recently removed one of my windows from my rv and had a local glass company put a new piece of glass in. 120$ vs the 800$ Winnebago wanted.

This, we had a rental trailer on one of our facilities and a groundskeeper threw a rock and busted a window with a weedwhacker. Called a local glass company to come out and replace it. Was a bit more as we had them do it on site, but it looks factory and doesn't leak.
Check Amazon.... I just completely rebuilt one using mostly stuff from Amazon. Windows come out easy on those, a few screws and new butyl tape. Silicone around the outside when done.
Any logos on any of the other frames??

If it's the style that I'm thinking there pretty easy to change out yourself, outer section slips into the hole cut in the wall and then an inner ring screws onto that and sandwiches the wall
I think they all use pretty much the same frames. I had the same issue on my old fifth wheel. I think I ended up getting the replacement thru a third party like people motorhome or something. Been too long since I did it to remember. It took like a month or more to get it. Good luck!
RV salvage in Kentucky


Long shot but local RV repair guy bought a bunch of windows at auction about 10 years ago, plus he has lots of junk laying around.

Lone Pine RV (724) 228-8671

I think Lippert bought the maker of RV windows about a year ago.
They are supplied by Lippert Components in South Bend Indiana. 574-537-8900
I assume they are made in China.
I found one at https://www.tristatesurplusllc.com/windows_s/1862.htm

had to search around a bit to find the right size, but you can call also and they can help you try and find one. they shipped quick. and it was a bitch to find the window for my trailer (a forest river also) Forest river wanted all the info then said they couldn't find that window anywhere available.
I know the dealer guy wasn't lying about the wait. All the mfg's are swamped as sales have gone through the roof with covid. There are units mostly finished on the mfg lots waiting on third party components like appliances, windows, etc. Even my insurance company told me their underwriters are seeing 500% increase in new policies
I found a few companies that make brand new windows. I need to get some better measurements so I can order one from them.

I also found a few e-bay specials, but I would feel like shit installing some made in china bullshit on something I fucked up that's not mine.
Look up rv salvage yards near Elkhart In there are some across the border in Michigan also. There's a lot of them around there I would have to call my parents as they still live in the area to find which is the best but I'd look around there first for your window.
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