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Ruffstuff housing measurements


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May 20, 2020
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Title kind of states it but to clarify; I'm mostly interested in measurements as they apply to the Tundra 10.5" but let us shoot for complete and get the 8" and 9.5" in here also... I guess even the Ford 9" version would work also.

*EDIT* If anyone has Toyota 9.5" or Ford 9" measurements handy, those numbers would be appreciated. 10.5" has been found and added to the list at the bottom of this post.

Picture for measurements:
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Overall center measurement
Centerline to top of housing
Centerline to bottom of housing

Toy 8" - 17.5" center section overall length 4.75" top/bottom to centerline
Tundra 10.5" - 19 3/4" center section overall length 6 1/8" top/bottom to centerline

For the Tundra, the axle tubing sticking into the center section is ~3 1/4" long.
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So far... no answer. I asked some measurements when I asked about Tundra housing availability.

When I asked them for info on the recessed spring perch on the stock width complete 8" front they used to sell (still did at the time) they were absolutely no help, even though I already had their housing and wanted to buy the parts to make it or at least get an idea on how to replicate it on my FJ80 width housing.

My 8" is 9 1/2" tall plus 1/8" of weld bead top and bottom, 17 1/2" wide. Centered top to bottom or really, really damn close.
I have the information from ruffstuff when I bought my 8 in years ago and now have two of their 9 in ones I can measure. Standby
8 in ones from rs when I had mine built. They sent me inner axle shafts lengths to so I could have them made while they finished the housing. I can get the vertical measurements for the 8 and the measurements for a 9 this week

How the hell do you have sales people that cannot access this information???
Sounds like the failgear syndrome....
How the hell do you have sales people that cannot access this information???
Sounds like the failgear syndrome....

To be fair, I haven't been pushing on them hard for the information through email. If this was truly mission critical, I would take a couple of minutes and drive to their shop.

I won't denigrate this thread into anti-Trailgear even though I don't like them.:flipoff2:
Not trail gear specific,
but you cannot sell what you don't have, nor support.
Kinda like going to Ford to buy a car, and the salesman not knowing how to open the hood.
Five minute call and talking with their axle guy got answers for the Tundra housing:
Overall height is ~12 1/4" so ~6 1/8" top/bottom
Overall width is 19 1/2" to 19 3/4"
Tubing sticking into the center section is ~3 1/4".

As I said, I don't blame RS for not having this info in a binder. Doubtful they get hourly calls on housing specs:lmao:
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