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RSWORDS Go fast outboard boats?


Jul 8, 2009
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Gatesville, TX
RSWORDS , in case anybody doesn't know, is an outboard maniac :flipoff2: Ocean? outboard. Lake? outboard. Drug smuggling? 10 outboards. Bass fishing? 6 outboards. Duck hunting? 2 outboards....so i'm going to give him a hand getting his go-fast outboard boat over. Feel free to add your stuff to the mix, if you posted it previously, i'll drag that over as well :rasta: IF ANYBODY OBJECTS TO THEIR CONTENT BEING POSTED HERE NOW OR IN THE FUTURE, LET ME KNOW IN THIS THREAD AND VIA DIRECT MESSAGE AND I WILL REMOVE YOUR CONTENT.


Mar 8, 2017 (Edited)What ya got?

I acquired this in some horse trading from a friend tonight. Got everything except the powerhead and gear case. It's a 79 hydrostream vulture. Last time I was in it (6? Years ago) we went low 80s with a 2.4. 200.

Has "new" stringers, floor, and transom. Obviously needs some new gelcoat and an interior. Has a new windshield frame and "glass"

Gonna build a 3.0 carb motor for it.

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Squamch [he isn't over here yet?] YouTube Australian dingy racing. That's some crazy ass shit. Even for aussies!

Yep seen it. Love it.

We enjoy taking shit that shouldn't be fast and making it fast too.

We are in the process of putting merc 260 on a 17' welcraft center console. Pulled the floor, transom, and stringers out tonight. Figuring we can push it into the 70s.

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plym49.2 plym49v2 [which one is the real one?]

That boat of yours can do 90 plus with a decent vintage Mercury 2.4, nose cone/low water pickup, setback and the right prop.

Nothing looks as good as a vintage Hydrostream.

Last year I sold my 20' 1987 Hydrostream Venus cuddy cabin. Original Mercury 2.4 Bridgeport Mod VP from 1987, Spinelli prop, setback/hydraulic lift plate, all the right period goodies. I rigged it back in the day. It was good for 104 to 106 mph in a light chop on a cold day with fat jets. Oh yeah, Cam 2 fuel, too, as those motors had very high compression heads. It burned 22 gph at full tilt and had a 20 gallon tank because weight.

I had it surveyed before I sold it. the stringers, hull, transom, everything were still rock solid and mint. I always took good care of it.

Dude that bought it is very happy as he is now the king of his lake.



@wingnut3k 14' cypress strip boat with a ported 40 mercury making 83 horsepower on a land-n-sea dyno. Runs mid 60s



I restored a 1972 Sleekcraft Monterey when I was at ODU. New stringers, floor and transom. Had a 150 Rude on it with bigger jets and some exhaust work done. Would run about 60 before it got scary. It was metallic puke green and we called it the Vomit Comet. Popped the motor, was poor, sold it for $500 I think. The guy who bought it supposedly put a big block and a jet in it. Never saw it again. That thing was a blast for a bit.

Does a 10ft hybrid bottom zodiac with a 25 count? That thing was stupid fast and scary.

I'm on the hunt for a 23ish ft center console that needs work for cheap if you come across anything. Have truck, will travel.


I've got an '83 Bahner Tunnel with a 2.4 on it...runs mid 80s. Outboards are fun


Wooden boats are where its at, I'm currently redoing my 1955 [updates on this?!]

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I have a special place in my heart for vintage Hydrostreams. I grew up on a 86' voyager with a blackmax 200 hanging off the back. On our lake it was known as the "darth vader boat" in its prime she was GPS clocked at 80mph with two adults and pump gas.
southernfriedcj8 said:

I've been eyeballing this one for $4,000. Claims 60mph.

Love Glastrons.​


Me, too. I've had two. My last was an '82 CV (or CVX, I forget) 16 with a built 140 OMC. 85 hp motor cover to fake everyone out. Holes cut into the lower unit so the exhaust could escape above the strakes. Set back and jacking plate. That thing had the scariest exhaust note you can imagine. Dialed it in as much as I could with a bunch of different props but I could never see more than 80. My buds were running 18' 'Streams and were doing 90 - I could not keep up with them. That's when I built by 20' 'Stream and blew them allaway because I could top 100.

I was doing 80 in my Glastron once and the helm broke. It just ripped out of the stern. Engine went to full lock as it was still on the throttle. That was exciting, but that Glastron did not flip. Amazing boats,but check for stringer and floor rot- transoms,too.

I used to have a '83 Hydrostream V-King that I bought needing some work. The bottom was decent, but the top wasn't. Reshot the top and interior with .015 apple red metalflake, rewired the whole thing, and put in a new interior with Allison racing seats. It had a 175 Mercury with a 6" Bob's hydro jack plate, and a nose come with a low water pick up. It was a fun boat that ran mid 70's.

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For those that don't know,the old Hydrostreams had balsa core construction. Very light and very strong.

The hull designs were extraordinary. Mine had sponsons that would go into ground effect at 80 mph. The back of the boat would lift and level out as the nose hung just right and would leap ahead with a burst of acceleration up to 100 as if you hit a NOS button.
@xjmark said:

Right before I bought the V-King, I looked at a Venus with the same color scheme that you had posted earlier. It looked great from a distance, but it had a chip in the corner of the pad that was wet, and he overlayed the floor with a sheet of luan and new carpet to hide the wet core. It was too bad because the gel looked great.


That's too bad and also, I am pretty sure, a kiss of death for the balsa.

I paid to have mine surveyed before I sold it so that (a) I would have certification that the hull ,motor, etc. was solid and (b) I had no interest in giving tire-kickers joy rides. I sold the boat with it on the trailer - no test rides, sir, here is a copy of a recent survey.


A guy I worked for had a 23' Sanger Alley Cat with two 2.4l Mariner Racing clamp-on's, jacks, custom props, etc. It was good for just about 100mph, and could handle Tahoe late day swells at speeds faster than I was comfortable with. Don't have any pictures, but it was named "This Cat Claws",
, and was orange and white. Cool boats, especially for the time, early use of Kevlar in hulls IIRC.

Then there is this one-off. It was Sanger Jacks' personal boat and the only 20' Alley Cat with twins.

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sparepartsdave said:
there are three kinds of hydrostreams, those that have been recored, those that are known to need to be recored, and those that are going to kill someone because they don't think thy need to be recored

very cool boats btw


Yep. The one I have got re cored when the previous owner got tossed out at speed because the bad core was allowing the hull to deform and it hooked.

Has coosa core, floor, stringers and transom now

I have a 200 2.5 CDM motor that I'm gonna put on it while I build a nasty 2.5 or look for a promax. Should be good for mid to high 70s. May even touch 80 in a perfect world.

Maybe. I'll be RPM limited and the vulture is a long boat to fly.

Factory CDM motors hit the limiter at 5900-6000. I may swap to older IGN but it will still run out of stream around 6500 or so due to port timing.


should be faster than that, friend of mine has a bow rider(cant remember the model), 2.5, Brucato XRI upgrade, 5 pedal front half, runs in the high 90s

how hard are you turning it? I highly recommend the Brucato computer, Tony is a great guy, gives good advise and he has his laser flying in the quarter


Had a Magnum Missile 16' with a Merc 200 on it. Would do 90 according to the speedometer. Fun summer.
sparepartsdave said:
yeah, you will need to go to the older set ups to spin that motor faster


I spent a bit of time.on the phone with a friend a CDI. We think we figured out a way around the CDMs rev limiter. I'll find out soon enough.

I almost put my fishing boat up to test sooner but will be pissed if I fuck up the motor on that. Lol
This is my first venture into the go fast game so if I don't die I'll.keep you up to date.


If I were you, I'd be looking for a drop on powerhead or another complete motor, you cant do much to the one you have due to its design. A 200 xri would be a great start. The motor you have has o-ring heads, so you cant shave them, you already know about the limits of the CDM ignition. Rather than modify your motor, grab an older 2.5 and play with it, you can keep the engine you have as back up, or put it on your fishing boat


I have one piece regular heads that will be sent out to be cut. And plenty of parts motors for IGN parts of the mods from CDI don't work. I will be looking for a powerhead or maybe start building one.
sparepartsdave said:
what is that, a 2000 model? if you don't already have them, pull the power head and install solid motor mounts, while the power head is off, ditch the exhaust can and do the 1/2 hole mods to the exhaust housing. Send the lower unit off and get a low water pick up nose cone for it as well. I assume you already know about scream&fly


Yeah. I have few parts Motors around here to play with. I'm gonna get used to the boat with a stock-ish 200 (solid mounts, offshore mid, heads and maybe a cone) this summer and maybe build a nasty motor or try and find a promax over the winter.


Cool starry bra ahead...

In the early 90s my BIL had a Eliminator modified vee with a big old Yamaha on the back- high 80s+ boat. He lived on the closest lake to Land & Sea at the time. Some really cool boats would show up at his dock...

Got my first snowmobile from him - 86 Indy 600 with a hole in the belly pan where the turbo dump was.

Here's mine. The carrera has ran a best of 114 mph, the centurion 77 mph.

The centurion could be for sale/trade for the right crawler...




So I've started collecting some parts for this build. Going with a 3 liter carb 225. Picked up an offshore single ram clamp, got a good power head, and a gear case that need the shaft swapped to 20".



Need to get some solid mounts, a trim pump, and a 3 liter midsection. I'm thinking for the mid I'll get an opti and convert it over.
yozsi said:
Damn, some of you guys are nuts. I had a 50hp tohatsu on my 13' whaler sport with the low transom, had it past 50mph once then it started chine walking
no thanks! got a 25hp tohatsu on it now :laughing:
You gotta learn to drive through the chine walk. :flipoff2:

Heres mine. Its needing a little work these days though. Have you thought about looking into Allisons or Bullets? Maybe smaller and laid out different than you want.

yozsi said:
dont think these little whaler's were meant to be speed demons. when i let off the throttle too fast i would get water coming over the transom. also if i got into the throttle too fast the bow would go sky high


Those are all normal for an outboard boat. On our Hydrostream we used to trim the motor all the way in one direction ( I can't recall which way) and hammer the gas. It would feel like the boat was going to flip over backwards.


No They are not. Lol

They have a pretty good hook in the back that fucks them up at high speed.
Rerock said:
I know nothing about this.

Basically, is chine walk the aquatic equivalent of death wobble?​


That one is because the guy is a moron and has the motor trimmed super fucking high.

Small update, working on fixing a bent windshield frame, made a little progress today but have some more to go. I hope to get it "close enough" for now and find a good frame. The plus side is the boat came with a brand new windshield. Feeling even better with my $200 investment after seeing what a new one cost

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Spent a couple hours after work stripping the boat down...

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And off to fiberglass and paint...

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Going with a grey paint and matte black accent (emblems, windshield frame, cleats, ect)
This is the color I'm shooting for.

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Hope it looks as good in real life as in my head....
southernfriedcj8 said:
It will if you go heavy on the flake. Loves me some metal flake. :smokin:

I will have an orange metal flake Carlson one of these days.

I hate flake.... The paint I picked has some very small specs and that's fine. But flake is bass boats

Keg27 said:
And VERY Hydrostream. And if that is a Hyrdostream hull you're doing it a huge dis-service by not flaking it.​

But I love pissing off purists. :flipoff2:
[yeah, yeah, always wear a mask, sanding fiberglass sucks]

Got a bit of primer on and swapped to a temporary trailer. The original was finished....




I need to do a lot of that to mine...but fuck that, so I put a deposit down on this last night...picking it up in a week

18'10" Lavey Craft Mod VP. The 150 came off and there's a 200 hanging on it now. Need to handle a few more things, and it should be ready for the water here in a couple weeks.


I pulled the big motor and jack plate back off because with the existing bracket...too much setback. Pulled the bracket and dug around in the holes a bit and found rot.


Transom job time...not what I was looking forward to. Someone had added a piece in the middle over top the existing, without fixing what was there first. The "repair" piece had turned to dust, and this is what was underneath it. I was contemplating trying to just cut out the center section, epoxy a new piece in, then overlay the whole damn thing with a piece of 3/4", but I decided to dig deeper and have discovered a bunch of really shit glass work that likely contributed to the problem, so I'm taking it all out and re-doing it. This is as far as I got last night. Most of the interior glass stripped off.


Keg27 said:
I have a special place in my heart for vintage Hydrostreams. I grew up on a 86' voyager with a blackmax 200 hanging off the back. On our lake it was known as the "darth vader boat" in its prime she was GPS clocked at 80mph with two adults and pump gas.​

@Mr Mindless

Ditto. Showed 72 with the soft cover on the bow. Had jack plate, nose cone, low pickup, solid mounts, but nothing internal done. Made a lifelong family friend out of losing races to one of the only faster boats on the lake, a Vision with a 2.5L under a cowl wearing 150hp livery. His did about 80.

Between that boat and spending every weekend on the upper Mississippi and lower St. Croix in the Sea Ray cabin cruiser it was traded on, I have no idea how I ended up wheeling. My folks did houseboats and drag racing before I came along...

Looking forward to following this one.


My dad's Skeeter had a 150 cowl.

Yamaha that was bored, blueprinted, ported... he was a performance outboard machinist. Probably more like a 225.

Many people that said they had been 100mph in a boat were scared shitless riding in that... (it did not do 100mph obviously).
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Let's see... where we at.... Been sanding, and sanding, and sanding and sanding..... got most the checking out of the gel. Filled the rest and will hope for the best. Gonna finish our the dash work, prime the rest the top and roll it over to start on the bottom.




Still moving along on the body work. Been chipping away at the gear case during lunch the last couple weeks. Went with a torque master style cut.




Also Got the hull flipped over to try and get the bottom sanded and a couple spots to fill and fix and then painted.

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xjmark said:
Looks like things are coming along nicely.
While you're working on the gear case, look into the TH Marine torque tabs. They make a big difference in the amount of steering input needed to counteract torque steer.

I'll be building my own.
Talon2006 said:
I thought I remembered you had a hydrostream after you said it...

Did you ever get it in the water?

Missed my goal for this summer. Gonna wait another winter so I can do the interior too.

Been plucking along though with the bottom and gear case.




Well.... been finishing up the glass work and got the bottom painted. Little wet sanding and cut and buff and it will be perfect.


Editors note: Well, it has been a FULL YEAR! Now since this has been updated :flipoff2: Looks good just sitting there, but get ta work brah! :rasta:
nice work! I work part time at a marina and we have a few of these old boats laying in the weeds. I always thought it would be cool to fix one up.
I'll play. My soon to be 16' Sidewinder, I think it's 1973. If any of you know anything about these, I'd love to hear it


Has RSWORDS made it over here? I loved his go fast boat builds. I swear i have not seen him with active threads on Irate. :confused:
My boat runs 40 (over propped, like 7.17s on the street) and that's PLENTY fast for me while its skipping like a rock in the bay. 80? God speed.
Has RSWORDS made it over here? I loved his go fast boat builds. I swear i have not seen him with active threads on Irate. :confused:

i was just hassling him of facebook over this, so hopefully he will. he came over and signed up, but his kid is young and business seems busy. hopefully he will pop in sooner rather than later
i was just hassling him of facebook over this, so hopefully he will. he came over and signed up, but his kid is young and business seems busy. hopefully he will pop in sooner rather than later

Good point. I had forgotten that the boat business was probably insane with everyone off all summer trying to get a boat to go play on.