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Rss wtf is it still used


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Nov 22, 2020
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Does anyone still use rss's? I used to keep up with forums Craig's list and even facebook back in the day. I know fb blocked rss but what about the others. Ps thanks for building this site.

Thought that died shortly after it was invented. Was never widely adopted and slipped unceremoniously into the dust bin of technology.
Rockauto uses RSS.


I use one that automatically downloads a podcast for me its the only way to get the whole show. If you just go to itunes it will only come up maybe 10min if the show if you use the rss and a password you can get the whole show.

First time I ever used one and I only started a few weeks ago. I like it.
Yeah man, I use RSS all the time. I usually take time to update mine between downloading MP3s on Kazaa and chatting people up on IRC.

I still look at theoldreader.com a few times a week. It seems like the feeds are slowly dying off but there are still some out there that publish consistently.
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