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Roseburg oregon?


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May 19, 2020
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Roseburg, OR
Anybody have the inside scoop on Roseburg Oregon? Looking at moving that way and Ive been through a few times- really enjoyed all the outdoors stuff, great rivers, and blue collar mentality. Looking for the best areas/ neighborhoods to move to. Currently looking for a couple acres around Glide, but open to other areas. Hoping to avoid middle of town, but open to outskirts if its an amazing place. Safe nice family environment is most important with good surrounding schools. I can shoot anywhere in the hills so acerage will take a back seat to family area, but hoping I can get both around 500k. What say yee?
The wife and I have some family property in Ten Mile on the back side of the reservoir.

We like it.

Once we're there we don't leave.
Fuckin Californian coming to suck up my precious land.. :flipoff2:

Roseburg area is cool. Stay out of the town.. Outskirts like you said. You'll be happy. I haven't lived there but have a good friend in Sutherlan. He has an killer property.
Oh.. turkeys, turkeys EVERYWHERE! They are a major nuisance there from what I see and hear.
Best of luck in your search. 500k will get you a pretty nice place.
Was hoping to learn even more but i suppose its a good thing if even on here most folks dont know the area.... sounds nice n quiet!
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